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amin ara
amin ara


When Amin Ara released his song, he was immediately welcomed by the people and found many fans. So he went on his way much more resolutely than before. Amin Ara is from Kermanshah. He studied and taught there for many years. In this article, you can see how much effort he put into achieving what he is now

She loves music and talking to her is fun. A kind, well-educated boy from a family whose master’s degree is the minimum literacy required to be literate!

I was relieved when he said that he had been a singing teacher for 15 years. It is very good for someone to succeed if he is right. Amin Ara loved music for many years and tried, studied and experienced, and beside him, in an educated family, he did not forget his education and studied until his master’s degree. He did not acquire this style of reading for free and by chance. Tried and tried

And when he composed through Mehdi Sufani, he had so much ability and knowledge that this veteran and experienced producer said that he had a common language with him.

With this ability and background, Amin Ara put himself at the disposal of the experiences of star maker Mehdi Soofani and the think tank team of Soofan Company, so that he and Amin Ara could fill up at once.

Interview with Amin Ara, a popular singer these days. You left the city of literature and art, Kermanshah. What drew you to art in the first place; Poetry, music or…?
I have been singing since I can remember and I have loved music since I was a child. I do not know exactly why this happened, but I think the important part of it is hereditary because both my father has a voice and he sings and my brothers and sister have a good voice.

You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? Mr. Amin Ara
They have talent, but I was really interested and persistent, and as I said, I wrote and sang from a very young age from memory.

Do you remember what was the first song you memorized and sang in a group? Mr. Masoud
Yes. I remember. When I was going to pre-school and preschool, I had memorized this song by Mr. Shamaeizadeh and sang: “Yes, every time I wanted to say that I love you…”. I was always in the solo school of the choir. I read at the top of the line, in class, at the end of literature classes, and wherever I was asked.

Mr. Jalilian, was your voice good too?
I do not remember what my voice was like then, but I sang everywhere and I remember that it was popular everywhere. Later, my cousin played the piano with me and I sang. I have been playing guitar and singing since high school.

Mr. Amin Ara, before whom did you learn the guitar?
There we have a professor in Kermanshah who is a great teacher named Mr. Morshed. I went to him to learn the guitar, but he took a test from me and told me to go and sing. Of course, because I had bought an instrument, I practiced it myself. When I was in the second year of high school, I learned salfage from Mr. Kourosh Miri. He now has a doctorate in music

And in Tehran, they are the conductors of the orchestra. At that time, he was teaching Salafge in a school in Kermanshah, and I passed Pozzoli one and two to him.

Because I had a good solfeggio, I learned the instrument to the extent that it helped me to sing. First I played the guitar and after a while I played the piano and I also sang in their work.

From the very beginning, was there a tendency towards classical and Kurdish?
My interest in music started because of Kurdish music, but at one point, because of the atmosphere of music that existed because of my desire for music other than Kurdish, I moved on the same wave and learned Kurdish music. I practiced Kurdish singing for a while and sang on Iranian sheet music

And after a while of taking a course in harmony, salfage and counterpoint, I started teaching in schools at the suggestion of some of my friends. I have been teaching seriously in prestigious schools for six years and I also have a degree in singing coaching.

So you really got into professional music?
In music that can never be said that I have become a professional because music really has no end. Of course, I follow music professionally and I am always working and studying, and the basis of my field of study is music. That I taught singing and I know harmony and counterpoint

It has helped me a lot. Sometimes when the mind is tired and one feels repetitive, if one also has the knowledge of the work, this knowledge can help him to enter this story from other branches.

Who was your favorite singer when you were teaching solfeggio and singing in schools?
I like many works of Iranian music singers, but no Iranian singer has ever been my favorite singer. My singing legend was Celine Dion and I always followed her work. I also really liked Chris de Burgh because of the soft and comfortable singing he always sings and I tried to write, translate and learn his lyrics.

Did you read it yourself? Mr. Amin Ara
Yes. I also practice and read a lot of English.

What field did you study?
I have a master’s degree in irrigation and drainage from Kermanshah University.

What year was Mr. Amin Ara born?
You may not believe it, but I was born on 1369/02/17. Everyone tells me that you are very young

Considering that you followed music as a child, why didn’t you go and sing music?
This is the same conflict that everyone in the family has. I was always one of the good students at school and almost always the first student. I even went to high school, which was the best high school. This means that this high school had an entrance and maybe more than 15 N.

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