Scam (Updated 2021) Stay Alert & Avoid Scam

What’s Itemtracking Scam?

Itemtracking Scam may be the new online scam targeting lots of people within the U . s . States. It’s also called Parcel Tracking Scam, where individuals receive scam texts from your unknown number that comprises a suspicious link.

The scam would be to steal information and private information on the grateful recipients. The scam message methods the sufferers into clicking the suspicious link. Once they follow the link, it redirects these to a phishing website.

They’re requested to accept paid survey to obtain costly devices in exchange. For those who have received such scam texts, ignore them because it is a gimmick.

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How Itemtracking.internet Scam is carried out?

After evaluating the scam online, we found a couple of details. Itemtracking.internet started on 17th December 2021 and can expire on 17th December 2022 and contains a 5% of trust score.

Individuals have reported they received a text from your unknown number, “7027451620,” claiming a parcel tracking link. It comprises a suspicious link that recipients need to click.

Additionally, it shares a tracking number that recipients need to use to trace their parcel in the website of Itemtracking.internet. When recipients follow the link, they’re redirected to a different portal where they’re requested to consider a web-based survey to obtain costly devices in exchange.

Once they follow the link and go ahead and take survey, the scammers extract the data for doing things later for fraudulent activities. So, you have to steer clear of the Itemtracking.internet Scam.

What exactly are People Saying concerning the Scam?

After evaluating online, we discovered that a few recipients reported the scam online. They shared their views, enquired concerning the scam, and requested for suggestions.

According to their comments, they received a text having a code claiming to become a parcel tracking code. Once they copy and follow the link for tracking, they get redirected to 3rd party website where they’re requested to accept survey for costly devices.

A person stated Itemtracking.internet Scam also targets him because he is requested to accept survey to acquire the PS5 device. They’re also aware that it’s a Paypal scam, and they’ve reported exactly the same online.


Itemtracking.internet is really a scam and never legit. People finding the scam text for parcel tracking mustn’t use or click any connect to track parcel because they are scam. You have to take safeguards to avert this kind of scam. Besides, you need to learn to safeguard yourself from the scam.