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Feeling a little intimidated to go there unprepared, although are you searching for a place on the internet to get a glass of healthy juice and youā€™ve come across this place called Jamba Juice? Right here, I will let you know the best Jamba Juices menu with rates.

Jamba Fruit juice is renowned for shrub-founded and without-carbohydrates options on its navigation. Their navigation consists of potential smoothies, classic shakes, herb-structured drinks, happy drinks, bites, cheerful bowls and healthy-squeezed juices. Drinks there may set you back about $6-7.

Nevertheless the Jamba Juice list isnā€™t the sole thing I will explain in this post. I am going to also advise you the franchising points, contact information and therefore the food break down within the elements show to the Jamba Veggie juice food selection. Letā€™s check out some history about Jamba Juice, but before knowing all this.

Jamba Extract is known as a veggie juice organization which has been started by the fitness and health enthusiast Kirk Perron in 1990. Your first store from the Jamba Juice was popped in San LuisCalifornia and Obispo, the You.S. The sequence is acknowledged for portion healthy and fresh juice to the potential customers.

Jamba Extract Navigation Deals

Jamba Juiceā€™s food list provides a wide array of vibrant fresh fruits-founded refreshments. For example electrical power shakes, classic smoothies, place-centred smoothies, recently squeezed fruit drinks, cheerful dishes, flavorsome bites.

The most significant reasons why their drinks are very favored is because of their particular tastes combinations. They have several types of refreshments for people who have totally different necessities. They may have smoothies that may help you with weightloss, an increase in metabolic process, in addition to have an electrical power strengthen and more.

Each and every supplement inside the Jamba Juice list is produced with only brand new components. This provides their potential customers the most overall health benefit from each and every drink. Besides, drinks, their energy bowls are also very popular among fitness enthusiasts.

Taking into consideration the healthy and balanced liquids you may be purchasing, the Jamba Juice food list charges are extremely economical. You may get a take in here for throughout $6-7. So, without waiting more, letā€™s check out the latest Jamba Juice menu with prices.

Power Smoothies

Power Smoothies 22 oz 28 oz
Acai Super-Antioxidantā„¢ $7.79 $7.99
PB & Banana Protein $7.79 $7.99
Protein Berry Workout Soy $7.79 $7.99
Protein Berry Workout Whey $7.79 $7.99
PB Chocolate Loveā„¢ $7.79 $7.99
Orange C-Boosterā„¢ $7.79 $7.99

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Classic Smoothies

Classic Smoothies 22 oz 28 oz
Mango-A-Go-GoĀ® $6.89 $7.39
Caribbean PassionĀ® $6.89 $7.39
RazzmatazzĀ® $6.89 $7.39
Strawberry Surf Riderā„¢ $6.89 $7.39
Aloha PineappleĀ® $6.89 $7.39
Strawberries WildĀ® $6.89 $7.39
White Gummi $6.89 $7.39
Orange Dream MachineĀ® $6.89 $7.39
Peanut Butter Mooā€™dĀ® $6.89 $7.39
Matcha Green Tea BlastĀ® $6.89 $7.39

Plant-Based Smoothies

Plant-Based Smoothies 22 oz 28 oz
Smooth Talkinā€™ Mango $7.46 $7.99
Apple ā€˜N Greensā„¢ $7.46 $7.99
Mega Mangoā„¢ $7.46 $7.99
Strawberry Whirlā„¢ $7.46 $7.99
Greens ā€˜N Ginger $7.46 $7.99
Pomegranate Paradiseā„¢ $7.46 $7.99
Peach Perfectionā„¢ $7.46 $7.99
Vanilla Blue Sky $7.46 $7.99

Blissful Bowls

Acai Primoā„¢ $10.78
Chunky Strawberryā„¢ $10.78
Island Pitaya $10.78
Vanilla Blue Sky $10.78


Bacon, Roasted Tomato, Spinach + Feta Sandwich $4.39
Apple Cinnamon Pretzel $2.19
Sourdough Parmesan Pretzel $2.19
Cheddar Tomato Twist $2.19
Sweet Belgian Waffle $2.19

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Fresh-Squeezed Juices

16 oz 28 oz
Purely Carrotā„¢ $9.66 $10.79