Javon Walton Alicia Keys {2022} Whats Their Connection?

Javon’s fans within the U . s . States, the Uk, Canada, and Australia wanted to understand about his father’s role in Javon’s career and just how DJ relates to Alicia Keys? Read below to discover Javon Walton Alicia Keys.

Javon’s family:

Javon’s elder sister is Jayla, who’s 17 years of age. Jayla is definitely an actor who had been an element of the Utopia series also starring Javon.

Javon includes a twin brother Jaden, a basketball player, as well as featured with Javon on the majority of modeling occasions.

Javon’s more youthful brother is Daelo. He’s seven years of age. Daelo had shared happens with Javon within the Excitement episodes.

Javon’s career:

Before starring being an actor, Javon would be a boxer along with a gymnast. It’s true he was the only real contestant which had qualified for Junior Olympic games both in gymnastics and boxing while very young.

About Javon Walton Father:

DJ used to get results for Ball4Real Streetball tour like a tour director in the year 2006 and parallelly offered because the president of FTGU Music.

DJ would be a board of director in USA boxing.

DJ owns a boxing gym and functions as a coach.

DJ can also be co-founding father of Forward, selling sports gear, clothing, and accessories.

DJ also accustomed to operate a non-lucrative organization to assist youngsters in setting goals.

Javon’s Achievements:

He was trained having a singular arm and won Olympic gold like a gymnast. Furthermore, in boxing, Javon had won several championship titles. Further, find out more about Javon Walton Alicia Keys. Javon is presently concentrating on boxing and gymnastic training to organize for that approaching Olympic games in 2024.

Javon’s entry in Television shows:

Television media had recognized his talents, and Javon had made an appearance in Steve Harvey. Later, Jennifer Venditti, a casting director, was impressed together with his boxing style and contacted DJ Walton for his permission to cast Javon within the Excitement series.

DJ and Alicia:

In ’09, DJ founded AK Worldwide event management company. AK Worldwide had managed many occasions for Alicia and Britney.

DJ accounts for Ms. Keys performance, occasions, and appearances worldwide by creating proper partnerships answering the hyperlink of Javon Walton Alicia Keys.

An application along with a book inspired by Alicia Keys relationship together with her grandmother was produced by DJ, Jessica, and Alicia.

However, Javon’s curiosity about boxing and gymnastics began at age two as he saw a performance of Manny Pacquiao and Jayla Stand out.


Javon credits his father DJ for training and support that made him progress in acting and, more particularly, boxing and gymnastic. Additionally, DJ had provided immense support to his children to succeed in acting and sports. Consequently, Javon and the brothers and sisters are sporty, and DJ had personally trained Javon and Jaden.