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Because the mission’s commencement, Represent Justice continues to be dedicated to reestablishing the mankind of framework individuals and battling for any more evenhanded equity framework. Thusly, Represent Justice is considered to loan our endeavors to assist the Justice for Julius Johnson campaign – a pressing try to free a guiltless Black man awaiting capital punishment in Oklahoma.

Like a 20-year-old football player and understudy at College of Oklahoma, Julius Johnson was unfairly indicted and condemned to dying in 2000. His situation and resulting preliminary for that homicide of Paul Howell was full of verifiable mistakes and racial inclination right from the start.

During Julius’ capture, an Oklahoma cop utilized a racial slur. His co-litigant, who fit an observer’s depiction from the shooter however Julius didn’t, was the state’s critical observer against him. Awaiting the preliminary, the condition eliminated all imminent Black people from the jury except for one, along with a hearer was discovered to possess utilized the n-word during consultations in the condemning stage.

Inside a joint effort using the Justice for Julius Johnson campaign, Represent Justice has already established the choice to winnow support from powerhouses and partners in Oklahoma. Competitors with binds towards the condition like Blake Griffin, Trae Youthful and Russell Westbrook have composed letters along the side of the mission, Kim Kardashian spoken with Jason Flom concerning the situation on Flom’s Wrongful Conviction digital recording, and also have enrolled the aid of pioneers within the confidence neighborhood like Craig Groeschel of Existence Church and Bishop TD Jakes. An appeal along the side of Julius’ chance has collected greater than six million marks.

The demonstration of Julius Johnson is among unreasonably numerous cases of the way the disappointments in our equity framework can deny a guiltless individual of the existence, along with the Condition of Oklahoma reporting in mid 2020 it would continue executions, the fight to upset Julius’ sentence and conviction is considerably seriously squeezing.

“Without Represent Justice, there isn’t any chance the #justiceforjulius will be a public mission today. They’ve given a guy awaiting capital punishment more expectation than he even expected by imparting his story to millions, and declining to abandon him.”