Klacik Scam (Dec 2021) Let Us Find Out Details Here!

Who’s Kimberly Klacik?

Kimberly Klacik is really a businesswoman and politician in the U . s . States. She was created on 19th Jan 1982. She arrived to the limelight after being nominated for that seventh Congressional district of Maryland by Republican Party both in the special elections of April and November 2020.

Regrettably, she lost both in the elections to Democrat Kweisi Mfume by 40 points. Kimberly was elected towards the Republican Central Committee of Baltimore County in 2018. She’s been known as Republican Strategist.

What’s the Klacik Scam About?

Candace Owens, the conservative commentator, printed a relevant video that calls the Republican Congressional candidate, Kimberly Klacik, the stripper fraud. In addition to the statement, Kimberly filed a $20 million attorney suit against her.

As reported by the sources, the situation was filed in This summer 2021 at Baltimore County Circuit Court. In her own video, Owens urges everyone to inquire about Kimberly where the money vanished, that they gave on her election campaigns. She also highlighted two firms Gem Occasions and Fox & Lion LLC, as she doubts fundamental essentials firms committing the Klacik Scam.

However, Kimberly filed a attorney situation against her following the report and taken care of immediately her claims.

How did Kimberly react to the Claims?

Candace declined to delete the recording from her account. She thinks that Kimberly is really a fraudster who scammed huge numbers of people who supported her within the election campaign by supplying funds.

Kimberly taken care of immediately her comments and printed a Twitter publish where she stated the claims of Candace are groundless and reckless. She’s filed a situation against Candace for calling her a fraudster to commit the alleged Klacik Scam.

In her own official YouTube funnel, she stated that there’s no evidence that they scammed money with no analysis is happening.

She added that they doesn’t have accessibility money provided by her supporter for camping. Her company includes a treasurer that stops this from occurring. She hired the firm Fox and Lion as part of the campaign.


To summarize, we have to state that we hold no legal rights about them matter, and the details are sourced from various online channels. So, Kimberly’s fans need to research more online to understand or no Klacik Scam is happening.

The situation filed by Kimberly continues to be in the court, with no judgment continues to be offered yet. It is only an allegation with a conservative commenter Candace. So, we urge our readers to help research and wait for a judgment to become offered.

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