Lasik Eye Surgery vs. Contacts: Which is a better long-term solution?

Solutions for vision correction continue to expand as the optical industry revolutionizes every day. Some solutions, such as glasses and contacts, make for the best short-term solutions, while others, such as Lasik Surgery, provide more long-term solutions. Each answer presents different challenges and opportunities, and understanding them creates a chance to make the best decision in consultation with your optician.

Understanding Lasik eye surgery:

Laser eye surgery is meant to correct refractive errors and improve the focusing capacity of your eyes by reversing conditions such as nearsightedness, astigmatism, and farsightedness, among others. Optical consultations before the surgery are necessary to understand what will be needed for a successful surgery, such as not wearing contact lenses 2-4 weeks before the surgery takes place. 

Successful surgery is done by the ophthalmologist who cuts a small flap of the cornea, flips it back, and uses a laser beam to gently reshape the cornea to reflect light on the retina correctly. Your eyes are kept open through the procedure using a lid spectrum and numbed while being led to focus by staring into a lamp. 

Once the procedure is done, an eye shield prevents rubbing the itchy eye or pushing the operated areas while sleeping. The healing process after a Lasik eye surgery New York takes about six months.

Contact Lenses:

These are medical devices that are worn on the cornea as a way of correcting present eye problems. They help improve the wearer’s vision and can be used as a way of treating and managing eye diseases and eye disorders. They can be made of different materials to best suit the clients’ diverse needs. 

Which One to Choose?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best long-term solution for correcting existing eye problems. Some of these include:

  1. Cost considerations: the price range for contact lenses annually stands between 220$ to 700$ depending on how frequently the lenses are changed. An average user requires up to 10 boxes of lenses every year. This will be a recurring yearly expense as lenses must be bought yearly. Lasik surgery requires a one-time expenditure that costs from 1,000$, depending on how extensive the surgery is. 
  2. Lifestyle considerations: Lasik surgery in New York offers the best option for a fast-moving and free lifestyle. Contact lenses require changes often, may be uncomfortable and can fail to be used effectively in some situations. This includes vigorous exercise and other high-impact activities. The effects of Lasik surgery last a lifetime unless affected by certain natural conditions such as old age or other medical conditions
  3. Risk of use: Continued contact lenses can create the halo effect where eyesight becomes blurred around bright lights. It is also uncomfortable to put the contact lenses in twice every day. Lasik eye surgery requires no daily maintenance but the time immediately after surgery requires meticulous care as temporary side effects and infections may occur. Lasik surgery, just like any other surgery, can have complications, but following doctors’ regulations and regular checkups can help reduce the risk of Lasik complications. 


The decision on whether to use contact lenses or have Lasik surgery in New York performed for refractive eye solutions depends on the above-mentioned factors. Lasik surgery performed by an expert is a safe and quick procedure with minimal risks involved in the process. All that is required after is deep rest for healing to happen, and your eyes will be as good as new.