Leaf Stone Legends Arceus {2022} Acquire It For Evolution

In the current publish, we’ll discuss the Leaf Stone Legends Arceus game, ways to get it and employ it for that evolution of pokemon.

Have you ever began playing Pokémon Legends Arceus? So, as of this moment, you should be aware various transformative products. Since its release, players within the U . s . States, Canada, the Uk, and Australia are eagerly searching for any guide on evolving different Pokémon.

Also, the sport has become famous for various transformative gemstones you can use for a lot of Pokémon. Likewise, today we’ll discuss the Leaf Stone Legends Arceus ways to get it and employ it.

What’s Pokémon Legends Arceus?

It’s an action role-playing gaming series on Pokémon on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED and Nintendo Switch Lite. Here, you’re going to get a fantastic adventure while seeking the Hisui region together with your favouritePokémon partner.

Additionally, within this game, you will find recently discovered Pokémon added. Also, Nintendo Switch has added many products towards the Pokémon Franchise.

When we discuss Leaf Stone, it has developed in the Pokémon series in the first generation and made an appearance again within the Legend Arceus.

Pokémon that utilizes Leaf Stone Legends Arceus for evolution:

Pokémon that utilizes Leaf Stone for evolution are Eevee and HisuianVoltorb. After being uncovered to Leaf Stone evolution, these Pokémon switched into Leafeon and Hisuian Electrode, correspondingly.

While Leafeon is really a grass type Pokémon, Hisuian Electrode is definitely an electric and grass type Pokémon. The dwelling of Leafeon is comparable to a plant.

But don’t forget, you don’t always want to use Leaf Stone to evolve Eevee to Leafeon. For the reason that this Stone is rare.

Therefore, we advise other ways for evolution. This different method doesn’t use Leaf Stone Legends Arceus to evolve Eevee right into a Leafeon. But it’s made by getting them to a new location. It’s Mossy Rock found in the Heartwood of Obsidian Fieldlands.

So, to evolve, you have to bring Eevee, and also the evolution will occur. This will save Leaf Stone for that evolution of other Pokémon we have discussed here.

Ways to get Leaf Stone?

As suggested by its name, Leaf Stone is definitely an unmistakable Leaf-patterned stone. The simplest way to get it along with you will Item Exchange Publish within the Pokémon Legend Arceus game situated in Jubilife Village.

So, when you achieve there, you can buy Leaf Stone Legends Arceus in return for Merit Points. However for each purchase, you need to spend 1000 MP. You can generate Merit Points by tracking lower and retrieving dropped satchels throughout Hisui’s zones.

Alternatively, players could possibly get Leaf Stone in Legends Arceus game either by going to Space-time Distortion or finishing the “Which May Be The Real Burmy” Request 73.


Leaf Stone can be used for that evolution purpose, so we have gave you the locations and you’ll discover it. Additionally, you will get information on Pokémon Legend Arceus game and leaf stone out of this link.

Do you have a concept on Leaf Stone Legends Arceus? Inform us within the comment section below if you want to learn about other Stone.