Liar.Com Elon Musk {2022} Get Here Updated Details


When we take a look at a few of the facets of the web site, only then do we become familiar with that:

  • Feb 2000 may be the website name registration year.
  • Information on who registered online are unknown.
  • So, it’s not known who the web site owner is.
  • The mailing address is on Grand Cayman Island.
  • So, we are able to assume that it’s somewhere associated with this address.
  • The final update date from the web site is 2022-01-30.
  • Also it expires on 2030-02-08.
  • Lately, the dog owner has donated 42,069 dollars for GoFundMe.
  • But following this big quantity of donation, it is a puzzle who made it happen.

The majority of us question if Elon Musk website. However, it’s unclear what this site is all about at this time. However if you simply type online at this time, it will lead you to Justin Trudeau’s Wikipedia page.

Who’s Justin Trudeau, and how come we speaking about him?

Born on December 25, 1971, Trudeau is presently the pm. He’s the 23rd PM and it has held work since 2015. He was created to Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Sinclair in Ottawa.

The Liberty Convoy 2022 may be the protest from the government that mandates mix-border Covid-19 vaccines for re-entering the nation by road. Meanwhile, Elon Musk may be the popular search associated with this protest.

After it had been introduced on The month of january 15, many truck convoys collected on The month of january 29 in a rally at Parliament Hill. The protest is principally against Trudeau and intentionally taking out the ruling government.

Whomever has connected Justin Trudeau to either isn’t keen on his policies or will it for any fun purpose.

Speaking about GoFundMe, it’s a fundraiser platform began on The month of january 14 to gather funds through crowdsourcing. And contains collected nearly 10,096,500 Canadian dollars from roughly 120,000 contributors.

Where did Elon Musk are available in, and just what about Elon Musk? has donated $42096 with this protest, and Musk frequently mocks about this. Also, Elon Musk preferred this Canadian truckers rule.

In his tweets, he even relates the precise number saying, “I was created 69 days after 4/20.” Another publish shared “due to inflation 420 increased by 69.”

However, unless of course he formally posts anything about this, we can’t state that this site is associated with Elon Musk. Regardless of the updates come, we’ll help you stay published over it.


The continuing protest, the fundraiser platform, Justin Trudeau and Elon Musk are in some way related presently. Meanwhile, memers and proprietors from the website take mockery one step further by relating each one of these. Read relating to this Freedom Convoy protest here.