Lux Estate NFT {2022} Find Price, Volume, Wallet Details!

What’s Metaverse?

Since that time, Facebook has altered its name to Meta, so Mark Zuckerberg desired to create the field of virtual encounters. Metaverse is definitely an interoperable virtual experience where one can make your 3D avatars and live another existence. It’s a world where your avatars can meet other virtual avatars you can check out a shopping complex, play games, and try everything to obtain fun.

What’s Lux Estate NFT?

Lux is certainly not but real estate AR/PC/VR- based Metaverse. It’s on Solana. You can engage in residing in an online residence. You are able to play games, go to a shopping complex, and remain on the planet to earn experience digital occasions, and things are coded in virtual reality. You will find 5,000 products incorporated within the Lux Estate. You will find multiple featured projects within the NFT.

The present cost of Lux Estate is discovered to be 2.5 SOL on Feb 4, 2022. We’re able to also see some tweets associated with Lux Estate NFT on Twitter.

Volumes and Wallet on Lux Estate

The data on total volume and twenty-four volume is pointed out within this section.

Total Volume: 4,941,878 SOL

Volume (round-the-clock): 112,463 SOL

In addition, we wish to let you know concerning the wallets obtainable in this NFT. There are lots of wallets available:

  • Clover
  • Slope
  • MathWallet
  • Ledger
  • Phantom
  • Solong
  • Solflare
  • Sollet

The folks anxiously wish to have the virtual experience of the Metaverse. You are able to connect with these Wallets available. You’ll find probably the most convenient option open to you. It should be used carefully in Lux Estate NFT.

Other Featured projects in NFT

There are lots of other projects by Solana within the NFT. Solana is among the leading Cryptocurrency, and contains many projects besides Lux Estate. These projects are:

  • Solana P Society
  • The EUNOIA
  • Solizens
  • Solana Monkey Business
  • Abstratica
  • Solana souls
  • Flunk Donkeys
  • Solbulls
  • Awesome beans
  • Panda street
  • Cyber Samurai

Each one of these projects are recommendable and also have acquired publicity. Searching for just about any projects if you are looking at any projects. You will get complete information on it around the websites. Also, the cost varies for every project.


In the following paragraphs, we informed you concerning the Metaverse, and Lux Estate NFT, so those who are not aware of those terms might find everything in the following paragraphs, and it’ll assist you to. Check out here to understand much more about LUX NFT.