Massoud Jalilian interview with Green Radio




Please introduce yourself in full.?

* My name is Massoud, my family name is Jalilian. Born in 1369/02/17, Kermanshah … I have been working in music for 13 years.

The first musical work?

*heart beat
Massoud was your choice?
* Yes, I chose my own heartbeat.

The most important factor that made Massoud Jalilian famous ???

* This is what you have to ask people, I can not comment on myself.
The most important feature of your people
* They are warm-hearted
You have this feature too.
* I … yes I have

Do you like to use the poems of contemporary poets the most?

* I mostly work with Amir Arjaeini and Hossein Safa, because their senses are very close to me.

I mean, until now, did you not think that you would go to Hafez’s poems and …?

* No, I do not like those poets very much.

That is, do you believe that the poems of Rumi, Hafez, etc. are more useful for traditional music?

* Yeah … he eats more. He sits hard on the pop. I have tried it myself before.

It’s very hard. My words are meaningless.

I finally have to read something that people can do

Communicate. Learn something. If you were careful, the song “My Lady” was in the same style, but

It was more modern. It was more tangible. They think a little, I understand what I said.

I have no more questions, if you and I have something left to say, please

* No … I have nothing to say, I hope you are all successful.