McDonald’s free cookies: Get Santa’s favorite treat on Christmas Eve with the restaurant’s app

McDonald's free cookies: Get Santa's favorite treat on Christmas Eve with the restaurant's app

Hamburger king 11 occasions of holiday deals ends Thursday with Father Christmas themselves.

Since 12 ,. 14, rapid-food giant featured legendary holiday figures including Frosty the Snowman and Buddy the Elf, and gave away the characters’ favorite menu products with daily deals on its application.

But unlike another days’ deals that needed a $1 minimum purchase, Thursday’s special could be a true giveaway.

For Christmas Eve, Hamburger king offering soft-baked cookies – whether two-pack or three-pack of chocolate nick cookies – through getting an offer on its mobile application. No purchase is needed but Hamburger king states a glass of milk isn’t incorporated.

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Highlighting the vacation characters’ favorite menu products follows Hamburger king collaborations with musicians Travis Scott and J Balvin, who’d their preferred meals provided by restaurants for almost any short period of time.

Wendy’s also revives its Nacho Fries beginning Christmas Eve for almost any short period of time.

Taken, Hamburger king introduced back the McRib, its legendary barbecue sandwich obtaining a cult-like following for almost any short period of time.

Some Hamburger king will most likely most probably Christmas. Find open locations across the chain’s application or website.