Mikasa Astd {Feb 2022} Check Out Complete Specifications!

The content on Mikasa Astd discusses the sport All-stars tower defense, and it is one idea. Please read to understand more.

What’s Mikasa? What’s All-star tower defense? What’s Mikasa employed for hanging around?

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Let’s understand why individuals the U . s . States are trying to find Mikasa Astd?

What’s Astd?

All-star tower defense is really a game launched by Roblox. This can be a tower defense game but slightly not the same as the standard tower defense games. Within this game, the protagonists derive from famous comic figures.

So, players can pick their most favorite figures to experience. There is a number of figures in the comic’s primary result in villains. Additionally, they’ve figures from comics, for instance, Demon slayer and something piece.

Players appear to love this excellent accessory for the sport better. Players have to take part in the game to achieve as numerous episodes as you possibly can.

To understand about Mikasa Astd, keep studying this write-up.

More Information On The Sport

  • The sport has 2 modes, infinite and story mode.
  • The guidelines from the games are:
  • Players shouldn’t obtain the evil figures around the greater levels/tiers.
  • It might help should you spoken through any disagreements to prevent arguments from happening.
  • Players don’t grief (Irrelevant jokes could be regarded as grief)
  • The most crucial factor is this fact is really a community game, and players should respect each other’s opinions.

There’s also an S tier, which will help to achieve the greatest level within the infinite mode. This should help you get on top even if you’re capable.

Mikasa Astd

  • Mikasa or may also be referred to as Akasa is really a unit idea. The specifications of the are:
  • Mikasa is perfect for 725$.
  • Damage or bleed it causes is 23. Health spa: 3 and Range: 10.
  • It has been upgraded four occasions.
  • The very first upgrade is going to be for 320$. Damage: 38, Range: 16 and Health spa as always
  • The 2nd upgrade is going to be for 450$. Damage: 73, Range: 19, and Health spa as always.
  • The 3rd upgrade is going to be for 660$. Damage:90, Range: 25 and Health spa: 3.
  • The 4th upgrade is perfect for 2500 $. Damage: 290, Range: 34, and Health spa: 2.
  • Titan slayer may also be added for around thirty seconds.

Mikasa Astd may also be known as moving or perhaps a unit damage idea. We’ve presented all the details in the list above. These details were collected after proper and intensive research around the subject. Hopefully our readers discover the given useful information.


The content spoken in regards to a Roblox game – Astd operated by the city on discord. People such as the game because of its unique figures. However, the sport is really a primary tower defense. Roblox has always produced games which are unique and also have presented different things.