Mohammad Mahdi Dastigerdi Iranian rapper

Biography of Mohammad Mahdi Dastigerdi Iranian rapper, known as Mhwmwd Ds, was born on December 9, 2003 in Mashhad. He is an Iranian rapper and according to his relatives, his love for music has been evident since childhood. He was 12 years old and started singing at the same age. Not much is known about his family, he has a degree in computer engineering, which he pursued in addition to his artistic activities. He has never given up pursuing his interests. Mohammad Mahdi Dasti Gerdi since 2010 with (mhwmwd ds | Mohammad Mahdi DastiGardi) started his music career and released a number of songs, the first of which was in the style of romantic feelings. After that, in 2015 he seriously pursued music and in May 2016, he released his first licensed song called Mire Yadet. The song was composed by a professional team and was the starting point for achieving his dreams. Poetry and melody were composed by Mohammad Mahdi and arranged by Javad Hatampour. Mohammad is single and spends most of his time on his music. It can be said that the main source of his inspiration and love for music is Mehraadjam, who calls him a master. Interests: Equestrian instruments: Guitar, piano, percussion Mohammad Mahdi songs DastiGerdi: If you go
Do not forget me.
superiority in this field. This young talent also explains that today my only goal is to produce and publish my official music on social media and I should
Prove myself to the whole world.
He added, “My goal is to hold concerts in the countries of the world, respectively, and to prove myself to people more every day, as well as to gain a higher status!” Music helps people to change their thoughts and minds suddenly in any place, to go back to memories, to realize their good or bad past, and to reach a certain peace with music. Music is the only non-chemical painkiller that greatly affects the human psyche.
Mohammad Mahdi Dastigerdi has surprised musicians and others with his success at a young age.
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