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Ever wondered exactly what the most costly hotel on the planet is?

Well, forget your typical $200 – $500 an evening weekend getaways, because the ones about this list start at $28,000 an evening!

From luxury penthouse suites, overlooking breathtaking city vistas, to lavish underwater hotels, the pricy pads about this list get it all.

So, if cash is no object for you personally and you’re searching for your forthcoming premium getaway, then here’s a summary of the ten most costly hotels on the planet.

The Ten Most Costly Hotels on the planet

Their email list of hotels and figures pointed out below happen to be compiled from various sources online, for example Travel Top List & Highsnobiety.

Fundamental essentials 10 most costly hotels on the planet:

10. The Royal Suite – Burj Al-Arab – $28,000

Most Costly Hotels – Burj Al-Arab

Beginning from the list of the very most costly hotels on the planet is among the best-known hotels, the Burj Al-Arab.

Situated in Dubai, Uae, the Burj was marketed because the worlds first seven-star hotel, and it’s understandable it most certainly meets expectations.

It’s the seventh-tallest hotel on the planet and it was created by architect, Tom Wright, to resemble the sail of the ship.

Your accommodation stands on the man-made artificial island, that’s purely available towards the landmass with a private curving bridge.

In addition to all of the lavish features you’d anticipate finding in the seven-star hotel, as an underwater restaurant that’s accessible by submarine the Burj Al-Arab also offers a unique private helipad, close to the roof, roughly 210 metres above ocean level.

One evening within the royal suite can cost you no less than $28,000.

The 780 square-metre suite, set over two floors, is decorated in 22-karat gold and has a private diner and butler, health spa, private lounge and various staff to reply to every single beck and call.

Pretty good for $28,000 an evening!

9. The Royal Suite – The Plaza – $40,000

Most Costly Hotels – The Plaza

Next we’ve another “Royal Suite”, however this one’s within the Plaza, New You are able to and can cost you a awesome $40,000 an evening!

So, exactly what do you receive for your? Well, to begin with you’re able to the suite while using structures private lift, that solve these questions . use.

Next, one enters the 400 square-feet suite and therefore are welcomed by having an exquisitely designed family room outfitted using the latest top quality amenities and luxuries.

The suite has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a lounge, another dining area, which seats as much as 12 people, along with a fitness room.

In the bed room, you’ve got a spectacular look at fifth avenue. If you don’t seem like lounging during sex all day long, then you definitely can use the 24-hour butler service the suite provides.

8. The Hilltop Rental property – $45,000

Most Costly Hotels – The Hilltop Rental property

The Hilltop Rental property is hidden in paradise, purely available towards the super-wealthy.

Your accommodation is situated Laucala island in Fiji and charges a remarkable $45,000 an evening.

But, for your, you’ll obtain a four-acre rental property, split up into three separate villas that every offers the most amazing views from the island.

The very first rental property, “The Delana” has a master bed room having a walk-in wardrobe, a library, a family room, your personal large private pool with waterfall and spa along with a wood soaking tub.

The 2nd rental property, “The Dua”, has similar specifications but sleeps two easily, with sliding doorways separating each room.

And finally, “The Rua” includes a separate living space and enormous private pool and it is the 2nd greatest rental property from the three.

If you are searching to find a way with buddies or family, then your Hilltop Rental property might be a perfect getaway because it sleeps as much as eight people and it has all of the luxurious you require from expensive hotels.

7. The Muraka Suite – The Conrad – $50,000

Most Costly Hotels – The Conrad

Weighing number seven on the list of the very most costly hotels on the planet may be the Muraka.

The suite is situated in the The maldives in the Conrad and it is marketed because the worlds first underwater hotel suite.

The Muraka is 2 tales tall, using the bottom story being roughly 16 ft underneath the Indian Sea.

For $50,000 an evening, you will probably be instantly upgraded to Hilton Gemstone Status upon arrival have a private chef, bar, gym, butler and infinity pool.

However, don’t get too in front of yourself as there is a four-night minimum stay requirement.

So, in case you really wish to live there then you’re searching to invest more around $200,000!

6. The Penthouse Suite – Hôtel Martinez – $53,000

Most Costly Hotels – Ho^tel Martinez

The Penthouse Suite, within the Hôtel Martinez, costs $53,000 an evening.

Hôtel Martinez is situated in Cannes, France, which is among the best-known resorts within the Côte D’Azur.

For the $53,000 you will probably have a 1000 sq . ft . suite around the uppermost floor from the hotel with stunning breathtaking views over the sea from one’s own wood-panelled panorama terrace.

You’ll also provide king-sized beds in each one of the four bedrooms, another living and dining area, marble bathrooms, a Turkish bath along with a private jacuzzi around the terrace.

If you are to your art, then you will be very happy to know there are several artefacts from Picasso and Matisse decorating the walls from the suite.

If art’s not necessarily your factor, you’ll be able to relax and relish the view in the terrace!

5. Ty Warner Penthouse – Four Seasons – $60,000

Most Costly Hotels – Four Seasons

Starting off the very best five countdown may be the Ty Warner Penthouse in the Four Seasons Hotel, New You are able to.

The posh hotel suite is known as after who owns your building, Ty Warner and can cost you around $60,000 an evening.

On the top floor from the building, the 52nd to become exact the $400 square-metre suite cost roughly $50 million dollars to accomplish.

The suite has a 360-degree breathtaking look at the town and possesses four glass balconies that offer views of uptown, midtown and downtown New You are able to.

Now, you’ll only acquire one bed room with this particular suite but you’ll will also get a health spa, a rock very master bathroom, a panorama infinity tub, a personal elevator along with a dedicated guest relations manager and chauffeured most highly regarded available.

If it is not enough, then you definitely can engage in the limitless massages which are tossed set for good measure.

4. The Objective Penthouse – The Objective Hotel – $75,000

Most Costly Hotels – The Objective Hotel

The Objective hotels grand Penthouse may be the largest hotel suite penthouse within the U . s . States, covering an astonishing 10,000 square ft.

For you personally $75,000 an evening, you may expect a spacious penthouse that’s disseminate outrageous two floors from the hotel.

You’ll get 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 4 fireplaces, 2 wet bars, 2 powder rooms along with a large open plan family room.

The family room also features its own party trick as possible changed into a complete-size ballroom with 26-feet ceilings.

Possibly among the best options that come with the penthouse suite is its 250-square-metre terrace, with breathtaking views of Central Park.

So if you wish to take part in the King/Queen of recent You are able to for some time, then book oneself a couple of nights within this suite!

3. The Royal Penthouse – Hotel President Wilson – $80,000

Most Costly Hotels – Hotel President Wilson

If you are in Geneva, Europe and also have $80,000 to invest an evening, then this is actually the hotel for you personally.

The Royal Penthouse within the Hotel President Wilson occupies the whole eighth floor from the hotel.

It provides a breathtaking look at Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, in addition to 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms along with a jacuzzi bath overlooking the river.

Aside from the luxurious furnishings and views, you’ll also take advantage of a 24/7 personal assistant, private chef and butler.

If safety factors are a high concern for you personally when remaining inside a luxury hotel then be assured the Royal Penthouse is among the safest places to become.

It’s bulletproof glass, 24/7 security, a burglar camera system through the suite along with a prepared safe to keep your belongings.

You’ll also look for a 1930 Brunswick pool, a Steinway grand piano along with a Bang & Olufsen’s BeoVision 4-103 home cinema system.

And, all this is often arrived at by one’s own elevator!

2. Empathy Suite – The Palms – $100,000

Most Costly Hotels – The Palms

Smashing the $100,000 an evening cost tag the Empathy Suite in the Palms, Vegas, may be the second most costly hotel on the planet.

The Empathy Suite was the effect of a full redesign, by Damian Hurst, along with a complete overhaul from the old Sky Rental property suite.

For $100,000 you’ll get two master bedrooms, massage tables, a cantilevered jacuzzi that overlooks the Vegas strip, a salt relaxation room along with a private tour from the qualities art collection and amenities.

This hotel suite is actually for art enthusiasts, as space includes six Damian Hurst originals and custom furniture which includes his motifs.

So, if you are a Damian Hurst fan and you have the spare cash, then give yourself a break!

1. Lover’s Deep – Luxury Submarine Hotel – $150,000

Most Costly Hotels – Luxury Submarine Hotel

At $150,000 an evening, the Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine Hotel is easily the most costly hotel on the planet.

Now, it’s different kind of experience you’d expect from a few of the other hotels out there, because it requires you to definitely go underwater inside a submarine.

However, if you wish to combine an evening away by having an experience, then possibly this is actually the hotel for you personally.

The submarine/hotel is situated in St Lucia and could be navigated round the Caribbean to match its visitors needs.

You’ll get 5-star accommodation underneath the waves including, your personal captain, private chef and butler, speed boat transfers back and forth from the submarine, and a few additional optional add-ons, like helicopter transfers, beach landings and champagne-drenched breakfasts.

The Lover’s Deep Submarine is fully outfitted using the epitome of luxury, and everything you’d want from your experience such as this.

In addition, you can customize the voyage to fit your own preferences if you want, so if you need a particular place to another, the captain follows your instructions.

This could truly be an event a person can have and something you’d always remember – remaining within the most costly hotel on the planet!


Hopefully you enjoyed our listing of the ten most costly hotels on the planet.

What about that! A submarine hotel which costs $150,000 an evening. I bet you missed that certain coming. I did not, that’s without a doubt.

So, that’s it, probably the most costly hotels on the planet vary from traditional physical structures, in probably the most esteemed metropolitan areas on the planet, to underwater havens that cruise round the Caribbean at the beck and call.

How much of an awesome world we reside in!