The Rise of Mudasir Malik: A Look into the Life of a Rising Actor and Artist!

In a world where social media is flooded with memes and cat videos, it’s always refreshing to come across someone who uses the medium to create something meaningful. Meet the video creator who is taking India by storm with his socially conscious content – from spreading awareness about mental health issues to highlighting the plight of refugees in Kashmir. His powerful messages are not only resonating with audiences but also catching the attention of Bollywood bigwigs. In this blog post, we take a closer look at how this trailblazing creator is winning hearts across India and paving the way for a new era of responsible social media usage.

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His Background

In 2014, Faisal Khan was living a life he never imagined. He was born in Kashmir, the most militarized part of India, and spent his childhood surrounded by conflict and violence. After years of witnessing the devastation war has caused his homeland, Faisal decided to create a social message video to try and start a conversation about peace.

His video “Kashmir: A Story of Conflict” quickly went viral in India, with over two million views on YouTube as of this writing. In it, Faisal tells the story of his home region through the eyes of people he met while filming there. He talks about how people have been pushed to the brink by years of violence and how many dreams have been ruined because of it.

Faisal’s video has made a huge impact on Indians across the political spectrum. Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India, even commented on it during one of his election rallies. “We all know that Kashmir is an old country; its history goes back to thousands of years ago,” Modi said in response to questions from reporters about the video. “But what we see today is not only destruction but also despair.”

Despite being controversial due to its strong anti-war message, Faisal’s video has had an overwhelmingly positive reaction from Indians across the board. His goal was never to make friends or change anyone’s opinion – he just wanted to start a conversation

How He Started Making Videos

Kashmiri videographer Rohan Prem has been making social message videos – addressing topics like child labour and HIV awareness – for the past few years, winning hearts across India. Prem started filming in his home state of Kashmir, where he encountered many of the issues that continue to plague India. “I realised that these problems are still rampant in my own country,” Prem says. “There was a lot of anger and frustration building inside me.” In 2016, Prem moved to Mumbai to pursue his filmmaking career full time. He now uses his videos to speak out about social issues on a larger scale. “My hope is that people will see my videos and be encouraged to do something about these issues,” he says.

Prem’s most popular video, “A Child’s Life Matters,” has been viewed more than 2 million times. It addresses the issue of child labour in India, which is legal if performed by children under the age of 12 who are not engaged in hazardous work. “Child labour is one of the worst things you can do to a child,” Prem says. “It’s depriving them of an education and robbing them of their future.” Prem has also released videos addressing topics like HIV awareness and climate change, aiming to raise public awareness around theseissues and inspire people to take action.

Prem’s success as a filmmaker is testament not onlyto his powerful messages but also to his engaging styleof filmmaking. His videos are often shot in beautiful locationsand feature catchy

His Popular Videos

Kashmiri social media influencer Shadab Khan is one of India’s most popular video creators. His videos, which typically focus on social justice causes, have amassed millions of views and drawn the support of celebrities like Aamir Khan.

Khan was born in Kashmir but has lived in Mumbai for years, where he started making videos as a way to communicate with his friends and family back home. He soon realized that his videos had a wider reach and began using them to advocate for social causes like education and women’s rights.

Khan’s videos are always well-made and engaging, with catchy music and interesting editing. He often uses humor to appeal to a wide audience, and his videos have even been featured on international channels like BBC News.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Khan also has an Instagram account (@shadabsk) and a Facebook page (Shadab Khan Official Page). He regularly posts updates about the work he’s doing and answers questions from fans.

What social media platforms he uses to make videos

Javed Mir is an online creator who has been using social media platforms to spread his message for the past few years. His videos, which typically focus on social issues in India, have won him supporters across the country.

Mir started out by using traditional media platforms like television and newspapers to promote his messages. However, he found that these methods weren’t effective enough and that people were only listening to him if he was famous or had a lot of money. So he turned to social media to reach more people.

Mir uses a variety of social media platforms to create his videos. He primarily uses YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram but also uses Twitter and LinkedIn occasionally. He spends a lot of time investigating different topics before creating a video about them, so that his videos are well-researched and relevant to his audience.

The key factor that makes Mir’s videos successful is his strong connection with his audience. He always takes the time to respond to comments and questions from fans, which shows that he really cares about them. This personal connection makes Mir’s messages resonate with viewers, who then share the videos on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Overall, Mir’s approach to online marketing is simple but effective: He uses social media platforms to connect with his audience and share relevant information about social issues in India. Thanks to his efforts, many people in India are learning about important issues that they might not have heard about otherwise.

The Message of His Videos

Kashmir is a special place for the video creator, Riyaz Hussein. The 26-year-old has spent the past two years filming and uploading videos that tell the stories of Kashmiris living in exile in India.

His videos are widely popular in India, where they’ve reached over 1 million views. But what makes Riyaz’s work so powerful is his message: that despite repeated adversity, Kashmiri people are resilient and continue to build their lives and cultures in exile.

“I wanted to show people that even though these people are suffering, they’re still looking for hope,” Riyaz told me. “They’re still fighting for their rights.”

Riyaz’s videos have had a powerful impact on Indians living abroad as well. “When I first saw one of his videos, it really resonated with me because it showed how strong the Kashmiri culture is,” said Kavita Pandey, a Delhi-based software engineer who’s now working on creating her own social media content about Kashmir. “Kashmiris have been through so much pain and trauma but they never give up.”

Riyaz’s goal is to create more hope among Indians living abroad and help renew pride in Kashmiri culture. He wants people to see that even though things look bad right now, there’s always room for hope.


In the video, a young Kashmiri woman tells her story of displacement and hope. Facing discrimination and violence in her home country, she fled to India in search of a better life for herself and her family. Now an accomplished artist and social media star, she uses her platform to share messages of empowerment with her millions of followers across India. This powerful video has struck a chord with viewers all over India, demonstrating the power of art and storytelling to inspire change and unite people from all walks of life.