Mukhtar Ansari, the gangster-converted-politician, delivered to Banda prison in UP from Punjab prison

Following investing over 2 years inside a Punjab prison, gangster-transformed-politician Mukhtar Ansari was introduced to Banda prison within the wee several hours of Wednesday.

Banda: Right after spending over two years inside a Punjab prison, gangster-converted-politician Mukhtar Ansari was brought straight back to Banda jail within the wee hrs of Wednesday.

Ansari was ferried within an ambulance guarded with a solid posse of firearm-toting protection staff through his 900-km trip from Rupnagar to the Uttar Pradesh community from the Bundelkhand region.

Acting on a Supreme Court purchase, the Uttar Pradesh Law enforcement took custody of the 57-season-old BSP MLA at Rupnagar prison on Tuesday to bring him back to Banda prison. It took around two hours to complete the formalities before he was handed over to the UP Police after a medical check-up.

Once the convoy entered their state on Tuesday evening, the number of protection automobiles of the Uttar Pradesh Law enforcement officials, which incorporated an ambulance designed with all life-protecting products to satisfy any exigency en route to Banda, a quest that can take all around 14 hours from Ropar, along with an anti-riot law enforcement officials motor vehicle ‘Vajra’ whizzed beyond the freshly-placed expressways.