Nail growth and strengthener: the best effective natural ways

Maintaining the beautiful appearance of nails is an important matter for many women, so how is it possible to lengthen and strengthen nails quickly? Here’s the complete guide.

Nails help you hold things and scratch your skin whenever you need to and many other details, and give your palms a great look when you take care of them. Here is the complete guide to nail growth and strengthener:

Nail growth and strengthener

The ability of nails to regenerate and grow depends mainly on your diet, so you must be careful to include some important nutrients for nails in particular in your diet regularly, and these are the most important:

  1. Calcium

Some believe that taking calcium supplements helps to grow and strengthen nails because it helps to strengthen bones, and although this is not enough evidence for it, it has been found that some women of menopausal age may suffer from changes in the nails if they develop osteoporosis, which of course results in about calcium deficiency.

  1. Proteins

Since proteins are the mainstay in the formation of nails, a diet rich in protein may help maintain healthy nails. To increase your protein intake in your diet, we recommend that you eat:

  • Healthy meats like chicken and fish.
  • Plant sources of proteins such as tofu, lentils, and nuts.
  • Dairy and milk products in general.
  1. Biotin

It is possible to take biotin to help strengthen nails and promote their growth, it also prevents the appearance of white spots under your nails, but evidence of its ability to lengthen and strengthen nails is still in its infancy.

  1. Vitamins “Vitamin D”

According to a study conducted in Toronto, nutritional deficiency is one of the four main causes of nail problems such as peeling or cracking, and a lack of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin D or A is the main cause of nail problems. Nutrients are essential for the proper absorption of calcium and for regulating the concentration of minerals in the blood. Calcium is also required for healthy nails. So, exfoliating nails may indicate that low vitamin D is affecting a person’s calcium level.

Important rules for nail growth and strengthener

Here are some steps and rules that can help you strengthen your nails and support their growth:

  1. Moisturizing the skin surrounding the nail

Dryness in the skin surrounding the nail can cause the skin to crack and injure, which may expose the nail to inflammation and infection and thus weaken it, so we advise you to apply moisturizing creams constantly, especially in the winter, and if you are one of the people with eczema, you should choose the appropriate moisturizing creams for your condition.

  1. Keep nails dry

Water can help weaken the nails over time, causing them to become more flexible and increasing the chances of them getting cracks, so you should:

Dry the nails immediately and thoroughly after using the water.

Wear rubber gloves when doing activities that involve prolonged exposure to water, such as washing dishes.

  1. Take care to trim the nails

Keeping your nails trimmed in a round or square shape with dull angles helps make them less likely to break, and helps give them a nice look that makes you less likely to bite.

  1. Avoid removing the skin around the nail

As this may leave the nail root exposed and become more susceptible to infection and infection, so we recommend that you only moisturize the skin around the nail and not remove it.

  1. Providing extra care in some medical cases

It is possible to have diseases such as diabetes that effectively reduce the flow of blood circulation in the extremities, so care must be taken to constantly massage the hands in case of diabetes to maintain the efficient blood flow in the hands and legs, and you should not neglect to obtain the necessary treatment for the disease that caused the nails to break, whether was this diabetes or any other disease.

  1. Take care in beauty salons

Sometimes doing some cosmetic procedures for nails in beauty salons can cause infections that weaken them, and it is possible that the nail cleaning tools used in the salon are not clean or sterile, which makes you vulnerable to diseases, so try to take care of the beauty of your nails at home as much as possible.