NASA honors fallen astronauts on Remembrance Day

NASA’s Day’s Remembrance honors the lives of 24 people, such as the crews of three space missions, in addition to astronaut candidates who died in accidents. All the names from the dead are engraved around the Space Mirror Memorial, a black granite wall that’s always lit – a indication that space exploration may also be a harmful business.

The service also honors the crew from the Takes Space Shuttle Challenger STS-51L mission, which exploded on launch on Jan. 28, 1986, killing the seven-member crew, and also the crew of Takes Space Shuttle Columbia STS-107, which broke upon its go back to Earth on February. 1, 2003, killing all seven astronauts aboard. Ad

On Jan. 27, 1967, Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Erectile dysfunction White-colored and Roger Chaffee were getting involved in a launch wedding rehearsal test when there is a cabin fire that wiped out the 3 men and destroyed the command module. The memorial service happens around the 55th anniversary from the Apollo 1 accident. The very first manned mission for that U.S. Apollo program was designed to launch on February. 21, 1967 having a low Earth orbit test.

Find out about all the fallen astronauts and astronaut candidates within the timeline below. Kennedy Space Center Customer Complex also offers memorials towards the crews from the three astronaut missions. Forever Appreciated is really a memorial exhibit for that crews of space shuttles Challenger and Columbia, while Ad Astra Per Aspera is really a memorial exhibit for that Apollo 1 crew. All the memorials have personal products and retrieved hardware in the vehicles.