Need Some Extra Holiday Cash? This 10-Cent Coin Could Earn You $3,300

The Capped Bust Cent, that was in circulation from 1809 to 1837, is among the earliest silver coins minted through the U.S. Treasury, which makes it an uncommon find and additional valuable to collectors. It features the profile of Lady Liberty’s bust having a decorative ribbon over her mind that reads “Liberty.” (They provided things just a little apparent in those days, right?) It features seven stars left and 6 stars right from the bust, representing the initial 13 U.S. colonies.

Despite a cent today not worth a great deal, these old coins opting for thousands on sites, together with a recent eBay listing which had 42 bidders and offered for $3,383. As with every coins, ones which are in both top condition and have cool manufacturing errors have a tendency to cost more income. For instance, one common reason that you might visit a certain Capped Bust Cent opting for more happens because its silver surface continues to be well-maintained during the last 220 years. Furthermore, a few of these earlier coins have small dents on their own sides from the manufacturing error once they were minted, which makes them even rarer.

Don’t visit a shiny Capped Bust cent inside your gold coin collection? Take it easy! There are many other bits that cost big dollars online, such as this $10 Gold Liberty Bald eagle which Flowing Hair Dollar – the second which selected over $10,000 in a recent auction.

What exactly are you awaiting? Go rummage around that spare change jar, or take an additional look inside your gold coin purse!