NFT Floydies (Dec 2022) The Project That Sparks Debate!

What’s Floydies NFT?

Floydies NFT may be the new offensive non-Fungible project that co-operates the pictures of George Floyd, the victim who had been murdered by Police in 2020 and also the trigger from the Black Live Matter movement.

However, the NFT project doesn’t have direct connect to George’s family or any activist community. The NFT token belongs to the trolling project launched on seventh 12 , around the OpenSea platform. It aims to create a profit using any means.

The creator from the token stated around the OpenSea page the token is really a progressive and different method to celebrate the monumental existence of Floyd.

Where’s NFT Floydies Available for sale?

As pointed out, the NFT project premiered around the OpenSea Platform, and also the NFT token will come in a bidding that ends soon.

Interested buyers who wish to grab a few of these trolling tokens need to go to the platform of OpenSea to purchase the token within the auction.

There are various NFT tokens of Floyd readily available for auction with various images. You should check the pictures and put your bid to purchase the NFT Floydies within the auction. But, it’s for any short time, and therefore you need to look into the availability before choosing.

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Exactly why is the look of George Floyd Utilized in the NFT Token?

George Floyd was the one who was behind the Black Lives Matter movement. To offer the movement, an NFT token project premiered lately that’s being offered with various illustrations of George Floyd.

The creators from the NFT token project stated on OpenSea Page the token premiered to celebrate the monumental existence of Floyd progressively and distinctively. Additionally they stated that NFT Floydies is the simplest way to express your beliefs and are a symbol of equality.

After researching, we discovered that the NFT token project is not related to the household people of Floyd and then any activist community.

How Are People Reacting?

Individuals are following a token on its Twitter page and discussing multiple comments. Besides, individuals are also discussing the token around the discussion forum. Many people stated it’s bad art trying to exploit a dreadful event for any profit.

There are lots of other comments you should check on its Twitter Page.

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Because you understand the new NFT project, NFT Floydies, you may be wondering whether or not to invest or otherwise. As being a veteran investor, you have to check the way forward for cryptocurrency before investing.

Are you currently thinking about buying the token within the auction? Please, share your opinion within the comment section.