Importance Of Oiling Hair During Monsoon Season !

According To- Importance Of Oiling Hair During Monsoon Season ! , There is nothing like the monsoon to bring relief from the scorching heat. However, it also brings a number of problems with it. As a result of the rising humidity levels, your hair is bound to suffer from a lot of hair problems if it gets wet often in the rain. Both men and women will experience hair problems like dandruff, oily scalp, dullness, and dandruff during monsoon season. Oiling your hair during the monsoon season will help you to overcome these problems.

Oiling Hair During Monsoon

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Oiling your hair during the monsoon has many benefits

During the monsoon, your hair can suffer from a lot of damage because of dampness. It is very important to know what rain can do to your hair and how to protect it. Discover the benefits of oiling your hair during the rainy season. But choose a good hair oil. Sunflower oil, mineral oil, or coconut oil are all good hair oils.

To keep your hair healthy during the monsoon season, include oiling the hair in your hair care ritual.

Prevents protein loss

Research has demonstrated that coconut oil massage prevents protein loss better than other oils. Monsoons cause hair fall due to the loss of protein. As a result of severe damage caused to the hair during the monsoon, it becomes harder for it to retain and absorb moisture. Whenever water comes out of your hair, it carries a certain amount of protein with it, resulting in protein loss. Therefore, small pores form in your hair.

Massage with coconut oil will be beneficial. Coconut oil penetrates deep and forms a protective coating around the protein layer. This prevents protein loss from causing hair loss.

Enhances the strength of the weakest link

The hair has a tendency to break at the weakest link which is the thinnest part of the hair, which can be overcome by applying coconut oil regularly. Humidity, harsh chemicals, and rough combing are some of the reasons for the varying thickness throughout the length of the hair.

3. Protects the scalp

Oiling hair during the monsoon should be included in the monsoon hair care routine to guard against fungal infections, dandruff, and eczema. Lauric acid present in coconut oil has antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that keep the scalp free from infections. Besides nourishing the hair shaft, continuous use of coconut oil forms a protective layer around the scalp, keeping it shiny and free from damage.

Monsoon hair health precautions

Taking certain precautions during monsoon season is imperative to maintaining healthy hair. Moist conditions in the monsoon increase the amount of fungus that can cause a lot of hair problems. The hair becomes frizzy, itchy, and oily. Timely treatment is required so that scalp irritation and hair fall are averted. Following some of the monsoon hair care tips below will help you in this regard.

Make sure you’re hydrated

Keeping hydrated is the key to overall health. This also includes hair health. With the arrival of the monsoon comes a lot of hair problems, so drinking plenty of water becomes crucial to manage hair fall, one of the major hair problems. By aiding in vitamins and minerals absorption, water nourishes hair follicles from the scalp to the tip.

Don’t eat junk food or oily foods

Oily and junk food can elevate the already inherent hair issues in monsoon. The saturated and monounsaturated fats in junk food elevate testosterone levels, which in turn aggravate the DHT hormones that cause alopecia. It is possible to have oily scalp and hair follicles due to oily foods. Also Read-Importance Of Oiling Hair During Monsoon Season !

3. Make sure your hair is dry

It is great to get wet in the rain, but if you keep your hair wet for an extended period of time, you will be susceptible to fungal and bacterial infection. Rainwater is acidic and can damage your hair if it is retained for a long period of time. Monsoon hair care tips include keeping your hair dry.

Wet hair should not be combed

There is no way around dealing with wet hair during monsoon. It is important to avoid combing the hair when wet in order to maintain hair health during monsoon. When your hair is wet, it is weakest. Your hair follicles are the weakest when wet. When you comb your wet hair, you will be pulling the hair out from the root. If you do, allow the hair to dry completely before brushing. If the hair is tangled, use a wide-toothed comb.

5. Use a conditioner every day

When it’s damp during the monsoon, hair becomes frizzy and difficult to manage. Use the right conditioner for your hair type to deal with unmanageable hair. Conditioner keeps your hair smooth and soft. If you want to avoid bad hair days, use conditioner from the roots to the tip after shampooing.

When you are outdoors, cover your hair

Cover your hair with a scarf when outdoors. Your hair will stay protected from moisture and pollution. This extra care will keep your hair healthy even during monsoon season.

After getting soaked in the rain, here are some tips for taking care of your hair

Getting wet in rain during monsoon is inevitable, but protecting your hair from damage is a concern. Below are a few tips to prevent hair damage after getting wet in rain.

Keep your hair and scalp clean by washing your hair immediately after reaching home to remove dust and pollutants.

After washing your hair, apply a conditioner suitable for your hair type from the roots to the tips and rinse with water. This will prevent frizz and keep your hair manageable.

Do not be too harsh when towel-drying your hair, as you may end up pulling out some strings.

If you want to blow dry your hair, use a heat-resistant product.

After your hair is completely dry, comb it.Importance Of Oiling Hair During Monsoon Season !

In conclusion

It is worthwhile to give your hair some extra attention during the monsoon. If you can afford a hair treatment in a spa, it could do wonders for your morale. To avoid such situations, you must follow the routine of oiling your hair during the monsoon. You will find your hair soft, smooth and lustrous throughout the season if you do this.