Orange Head Astd {Dec 2021} Know Its Levels, Acquiring Method

Who’s Orange Mind?

Orange Mind is really a well-known six-star character in most star Tower Defense. The type is dependant on Gildarts Clive, also referred to as Girudtsu Kuraivu. Clive is renowned for joining the S-Class Mages within the Fairy Tail Guild. Clive seemed to be a properly-known Mage as well as Ace. He seemed to be the 5th Guild Master.

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Orange Mind may be the 4th Fairy Tail character to be included to the experience adventure game. Another three figures are Tatsu (first to become added), Shirtless Demon (second someone to be added in) and Lightning secure (the 3rd someone to be added in).

Orange Mind Astd can also be the only real third Story Book character who’s rated 6 Star to become introduced hanging around. The first was Ice Demon Slayer, who can be purchased by evolving the shirtless Magician, and the second was Laxus Dreyar, the famous six-star character who can be purchased by spinning wheel.

There are lots of speculations regarding Orange Head’s name. The first is that his name relates to Read Mind, the 5-star AoE and ground type unit inspired by shanks. He’s when compared with Red Mind since there are many similarities together.

How to get the Orange Mind Astd?

There are just two ways to get Orange Mind. The very first strategy is by opening the Christmas Box II, that is a 4-star ground kind event unit acquired with the Hero Summon throughout the All Star Tower Defense’s Christmas Event in December 2021. The 2nd strategy is to acquire it from buying and selling.

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Listing of Upgrades Quantity of a Orange Mind:

Orange Mind has 7 upgrade levels. He’s a deployment price of 555 ASTD Cash. The first damage degree of Orange Mind reaches 1000 and also the range players can get is 27.5. Let’s check out the upgrade amounts of Orange Mind Astd:

  • Upgrade 1 – 650 ASTD Cash: Damage – 1750 & Range – 27.5.
  • Upgrade 2 – 1000 ASTD Cash: Damage – 2750 & Range -32.5.
  • Upgrade 3 – 1500 ASTD Cash: Damage – 4100 & Range – 32.5.
  • Upgrade 4 – 2000 ASTD Cash: Damage – 5600 & Range – 32.5.
  • Upgrade 5 – 15000 ASTD Cash: Damage – 16850 & Range – 37.5.
  • Upgrade 6 – 100000 ASTD Cash: Damage – 91850 & Range – 47.5.
  • Upgrade 7 – 800000 ASTD Cash: Damage – 691850 & Range – 47.5.


Though Orange Mind is an extremely famous character in ASTD, it’s difficult to understand it to begin with. But after obtaining the type, we’re sure players will like it. Visit Orange Mind Wiki to understand more.

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