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Everyone knows pumpkin cake but Paula Deen’s pumpkin cake differs. It’s scrumptious with cream cheese and whipped cream, which makes it even more tempting. It may be more scrumptious but it’s still simple to make.

Pumpkin pies always cause me to feel nostalgic. My mother accustomed to bake us a scrumptious pumpkin cake every Thanksgiving. Eventually I figured to try it out myself and attempted Paula Deen’s recipe. It had been so scrumptious, I even managed to get in my parents. My mother loved it too.

To create Paula Deen’s pumpkin cake, bake the cake crust for sometime. Then, mix pumpkin, sugar, salt, egg yolk, eggs, half-and-half, butter, vanilla flavoring, vanilla, cinnamon and ginger root. Complete it the cake crust and bake. Top with whipped cream and serve.

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