Personal Hygiene – Menstrual Cup Care During Your Period

Personal Hygiene does not get over when you brush daily, bathe daily, wear makeup, etc. Hygiene also depends on self-care, personal care, and also mental health. On average, women generally menstruate for nearly 7 – 10 years. And those 10 years are not less, and that can also be the main reason for your perfect health and hygiene. There are people who still use thick clothes clothes, but there is also an improvement by using pads, menstrual cups, tampons, etc. Usage of clothes was used by our mothers and grandmothers when there was no invention of pads and other products.

Why Menstrual Cups are better?

  1. When you get okay with cups, then they are perfect ones for your period days. It is initially scarier while inserting your menstrual cups, but once you get to know them, then they will be your perfect partner.
  2. Even if your flow is heavy, the cups help in handling them for some extended period of time. When you use pads, even though you change once in 5 – 6 hours; when your flow is heavy, it’s natural we must change them even if it is an hour or a couple of hours been kep t.
  3. It is a perfect one when you are a minimalist. This is a one-time investment, where they last for a good number of months and years.
  4. Like pads are available in different sizes, there are also menstrual cups in different sizes so that you can choose based on your flow.
  5. Since they are products which last for a good time period, there are not many disposals of the products and hence they are environment friendly.
  6. Compared to other products used like cloths, or pads, the cups used for periods are very safe and are odourless.

How to Use Menstrual Cups:

  1. It is important to clean the cup before use. This is a mandatory step that you should never skip.
  2. Fold the menstrual cup so that the wide layer of the cup is made smaller for better insertion into the vagina.
  3. Once the size is reduced, you can insert them gently into your vagina. As you insert the menstrual cup, maintain the folded position of the menstrual cup for a better and easier way.
  4. After inserting gently, slightly rotate the cup so that they are sealed and not loose. Double-check during your initial days of using menstrual cups so that they are not loose.

Ways to Clean the Mestrual Cups:

Once you remove the cup, wash them immediately with cold water. You can place the menstrual cup in boiling water so that they are cleaned and are free from bacteria and viruses. Rinsing them with hot water will lock in the smell or the odour that is being present. There are also sterilizing products that can easily clean your cups and a very travel friendly too.