PNB Parivar – PNB HRMS Login Portal for Staff

PNB Parivar

Punjab National Bank, also called (PNB) is largest bank in India. Many thousands of employees work at the bank. All staff members can access the Pnb Parivar Rooms Portal Login to get Employee Salary Reports (PNB Parivar) on For logging into this website, you must to enter the login information 1) Employee username (or) the PF Number 2) Login password. PNB staff can download their salary slips only at official web portal

PNB Parivar

A description for the PNB Application Parivar

In accordance of the Prime Minister’s “Digital India” initiative, HRMS’s mobile app is available to employees working at PNB in order to permit employees to access the app from any location and at any time.
Utilizing the HRMS Mobile App employees are able to view their leave balance and ask for the leave. IT Register and Salary Slip feature are both accessible. Basic information is accessible and employees can be searched using the Find the Employee menu.PF Status and the availability of Holiday home is accessible.

This is a significant step towards digitizing HR processes and procedures within the Bank and we are hoping that it will help improve and transform the way employees interact with their HRMS. It also seeks to increase the accessibility and usability as well as accessibility of the system.

What is meaning of the PNB Hrms (pnb parivar)?

Punjab National Bank Employees & employees will be provided with information about Evaluation of performance.

  • Participation
  • HR Management
  • Information System
  • Training Management
  • Employee Selection
  • Promotion Process
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Absence Management

How to get Employee Salary Bills @ Pnb Hrms Portal?

  • Visit this portal
  • Then Staff must log in using Login Details
  • Employee User identification (or) the PPF ID and the password
  • After you’ve entered your personal information click the sign in button.
  • When you click, the site will show you the brand new fill-in form.
  • Fill out the form using your email id and your mobile number
  • Once you submit, the site will show you the Pay report.
  • You can print or download employee’s pay bills directly from the personal device of your computer.

You lost your pnb parivar (PNB Hrms) Staff login Password?

  • It’s not a problem. You can obtain your PNB HRMS staff login password in few minutes if when you follow these simple steps.
  • Visit this Page
  • Fill in your USERID on the form and then click Continue.
  • Then you will be able to access your password via mobile SMS or Email.
  • You can sign in to the HRMs self-service of pnb’s employees using your login details.

What do I need to know in order to log into the HRMS PNB?

  • Once you’ve opened the HRMS in PNB and have received login details for your employee. Then, you will be allowed to log in to the HRMS PNB using the instructions listed below.
  • Enter within your internet browser in order to open the PNB Parivar HRMS’s site. PNB Parivar HRMS website.
  • A login screen for HRMS PNB will show.
  • Simply enter the employee credentials that you’ve received from your service branch.
  • Select “Login, then select the “Login” option to open the HRMS portal of PNB.
  • You can now get access to your data on the pay slips and attendance and various types of.

How can I upgrade the HTML0 of my PNB Parivar?

  • It is possible to upgrade to HTML0 on your PNB Parivar Hrms account by going to this official site. In order to upgrade your account you must adhere to the instructions in the next paragraphs.
  • Click this link to visit the official web site of PNB Parivar.
  • Then, after that then hit on the “Click here to login in to HRMS” link.
  • You will be able to access Human Resource Management System login page.
  • Then, in this area you will need to input your PNB parivar credentials, as well as the code for captcha.
  • Click on click on the “Validate” button below.
  • It is now possible to upgrade or learn more about the services accessible through the PNB Parivar App. PNB Parivar App.

FAQs PNB Parivar

1 What is PNB Parivar HRMS portal?

Ans: This PNB Parivar HRMS portal is an online platform which is available to PNB pensioners as well as staff. The goal of this portal is to give the capability of monitoring pensioners’ progress as well as their attendance online and more.

2. What are the process for logging in to PNB your HRMS username and password?

Ans. You can access the HRMS portal on the Punjab National Bank HRMS portal via a mobile application.
1. Go to
2. PNB Parivar app on Play Store

3. Can I restore my PNB HRMS forgot password?

Answer. Yes, you’re allowed to set an alternative password for your PNB Parivar HRMS account. You must however, go to the PNB HRMS website to set up a new password. PNB HRMS website to set an alternate password.

4. How can you download and install the PNB Parivar application?

  1. You can download the PNB Parivar app through the internet or via its Google Play Store. Enter PNB Parivar within the search box. Click the Install button to install your PNB Parivar application on your smartphone. After that, you will must launch the PNB Parivar app from your phone to complete the installation.

5. How do I log into PNB Parivar’s application? PNB Parivar Application?

Ans. After you’ve downloaded PNB Parivar App, you can download it. PNB Parivar Application, you can use it according to the directions.
1. Start your PNB Parivar App on your smartphone.
2. You must enter your PNB Parivar ID along with your PNB Parivar Id password.
3. Explore the numerous services that are offered via the application.
4. Select the service you wish to take advantage of. I.e. pay slip and the pf.

6. How can I get the pay slip for PNB?

Ans. Below, we’ll give some tips for obtaining the pay slip of PNB using PNB Parivar mobile app login.
1. Open the PNB Parivar Login page on the application.
2. From the choices, select “Salary Slip” or “Salary Slip” option.
3. After clicking on the link, you’ll need to fill in the details to receive a pay check through PNB.