Pokemon Grand Underground {Nov 2021} Know How To Gain Access!

About Grand Subterranean

The Grand Subterranean is really a location situated beneath the whole Sinnoh area in Pokemon Brilliant Gemstone and Shining Gem. The Exploration Package, which may be discovered in Eterna City, enables you to visit the Grand Subterranean.

How will you get access to the Grand Subterranean?

In Eterna City, players can acquire the Explorer Package. They have to understand it and learn how to utilise it before departing the town. That old guy who distributes the Exploration Package lives near to the Pokémon Center in the home.

Before learning more about how to locate treasure within the Pokemon Grand Subterranean, let’s find out more about building secret space.

How can you create a hidden base?

When players possess a Digger Drill, they might use a foundation in almost any wall within the Grand Subterranean. They have to revert towards the old gentleman in Eterna City after they have dug up any treasure the very first time, and that he will offer you players a Digger Drill that to construct a basis.

To produce a large tunnel to set up a base, click A on the wall. After players have completely finished building their foundation, players may decorate it with any statues they’ve dug up.

How can you search the Pokemon Grand Subterranean for treasure and statues?

Around the player’s map, they’ll see several sparkling areas. As players come closer, press R to activate their radar, which again will find out the treasure’s position on the nearby wall.

In Pokémon Brilliant Gemstone and Shining Gem, players can seek out treasure while using strong hammer or perhaps the delicate pickaxe, similar to within the primary games.

But players ought to be careful. When they dig too much, the walls will fall. Hit the treasure using the hammer, and later on lightly find it by helping cover their the fragile pickaxe.

Now that we understand how to locate treasure within the Pokemon Grand Subterranean let’s talk of where you can locate Pokemon in Grand Subterranean.

Where do to consider Pokemon within the Grand Subterranean?

The Grand Subterranean has lots of uncommon Pokémon that certain cannot get in original games. The Grand Subterranean may be the place to go if players are searching for Magnemite, Ralts, Togepi, or other Pokémon in the Platinum Pokédex. These Pokémon might be discovered in Pokémon Hideaways, that are biomes themselves.


Dig and set up a base within the Grand Subterranean, where players will discover treasures, monuments, and a number of rare Pokemon not observed in the primary game. Go to the Grand Subterranean Wiki page to understand more.

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