Posb Ibanking Down {Nov} Know Which Services Unavailable

Publish Office Saving Banks (POSB)

POSB is really a bank situated in Singapore. POSB offers an array of financial services, including banking, insurance, and investments. POSB also introduced a variety of internet banking services like bill payment, internet banking, an internet-based transfers.

The internet banking services are readily available for all residents. It’s the only bank that gives banking, investment, and insurance services for Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans.

It had been established on 1 Jan 1877. Presently, the Chief executive officer of POSB is Piyush Gupta, and also the Chairman is Peter Seah Huat.

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Posb Ibanking Lower

POSB’s internet banking is lower for maintenance presently. It’s quite common for banks to complete maintenance activities on their own internet banking services for around per week. This is also true when the maintenance activities involve upgrading or altering the internet banking software.

Once the bank’s internet banking services are lower, the shoppers cannot access their internet banking account. Within this situation, customers need to hang about until the internet banking services are support before being able to access their internet banking account. This maintenance downtime is pre-made the decision, therefore the customers obtain the notice of the time in the bank.

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Information On Maintenance Downtime

Listing of some services that’ll be unserviceable with their time and date:

For Online banking

Daily (5:00 am to six:00 am) – Forex Exchange (Currency remittances, fund transfer from multi-currency accounts)

18th (12:00am to six:00am), 20th (12:00am to six:00am) and 25th November (1:00am to 4:00am) – Log-in access unavailable

20th and 21st November (10:00am to 12:00pm) – Equity buying and selling

21 November (12:00am to 06:00am) – DigiPortfoli

21 November (12:25 am to 04:45 am) – Online Equity Buying and selling, Online Funds Investment, corporate Action Update, Online Fixed Deposit, Digi Portfolio & Online Foreign Currency

21 November (04:00am to 07:30am) -DBS Remit to Thailand

Here’s why Posb Ibanking Lower was due to upkeep of web site and domain the above mentioned-listed services is going to be unserviceable for that prescribed starting time and date.

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Visit this site to obtain a detailed listing of services unavailable, with starting time and date

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