Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course is an 85-hours certified course by FEDANT (Federation of Antenatal Educators), The Yoga Alliance UK, and The Yoga Alliance US. This pregnancy yoga teacher training proffers 85-hours of learning about all aspects to become a mother. The training ranges from pregnancy, post-natal and to mother and baby yoga. It is fully accredited by The Yoga Alliance (US), Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK), and the Federation of Antenatal Educators.

Those who are fortunate to partake in this course often begin as students and develop into teachers acquiring the knowledge, confidence, and techniques to run Classes & individual sessions which deliver safe, uplifting, and efficient yoga practice with participants across any stage of this journey.

The major focus is placed on anatomy and psychology over these yoga teachings, with more attention on learning about the Shakti (female) energy that plays an important role in conception, pregnancy & birth. Participants of this course acquire an absolute knowledge of yoga asana, mudra, pranayama, meditation, and the spiritual elements of yoga during pregnancy.



Topics covered include:

Yoga-related movements for all the trimesters for stretching and strengthening the physical body and as well mitigate common conditions of pregnancy.

Suitable relaxation, pranayama, visualizations & Meditations for the prenatal mother

How simple breath work coupled with deep yoga relaxation can assist in revitalizing women, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

How pregnancy can affect posture alignment negatively and how, with the correct sequence of asana, we can gradually overcome those changes.

The use of yoga props to get the mother supported.

The difference between sequencing yoga for a mother in her second trimester and her third trimester.

Moola Bandha – The essentials of a healthy pelvic floor & how the adjustment of the pelvis of pelvis affect its engagement.

Energetics – A summary of the chakra system and how the pelvis floor recounts to and affects the root chakra.

A discussion on the effects that pregnancy exerts on the path of prana, and how this recounts to childbirth.

Pregnancy YTT leads

Birth and Birth Preparation Module.

Positions for favorable fetal positioning and how the baby’s position may affect labor.

Working out using an exercise ball & chair during the late stage of pregnancy. In preparation for birth.

The essence of the nervous system and as well the role of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems perform during birth.

Birth and labor – Illustration of normal or physiological birth.

The spiritual aspects of birth.

Meditations and birth affirmations for the birthing mother, that can be used no matter how her birth unfolds.

Meditations and birth affirmations for the birthing mother, that can be utilized, notwithstanding how her birth unfolds.

Postnatal and Mother and Baby Yoga Module

Yoga and Pilates-related movements for the post-natal period stretching and strengthening the physical body and even help ameliorate common conditions of a post-natal woman such as changes in a posture like upper and low crossed syndrome.

How simple breath work and deep relaxation can help heal women mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Post-natal recovery yoga for mothers who may have experienced a medicalized birth i.e.:  Caesarean Section, and/or birth trauma, forceps, medical induction, etc.

Mother and baby yoga – preplan and facilitating a class safely and effectively, so all are included and involves the mother and baby.

Getting started: Embarking on your career as a pre and as well post yoga teacher.

This course teaches you to render classes and one-one lessons that are:

Safe, efficient, and useful

A complete blend of the yoga system

  • Inspiring
  • Uplifting
  • Supportive
  • Instructive
  • Non- judgmental

Skills you’re likely to acquire after the completion of the teacher training course.

You’ll have the ability to teach a pregnancy yoga class, a postnatal yoga class, and a mother and baby yoga class.

Teach a complete yoga class that respect’s a woman’s mind and body during this special and sacred time.

Modify your general classes for any expectant mother who attends also.

Incorporate yoga props and small equipment into your classes.

Modify the class for persons with injuries/or common ailments like lower back pain, fatigue, low/high blood pressure, and pelvic girdle pain.

Understand the essence of incorporating all elements of yoga into a class.

Gain knowledge of what is besides the body at the time of pregnancy and birth.

Yoga Alliance, Yoga Alliance experts, and FEDANT Certification

All graduates will be awarded a certificate upon completion of the training which is 85 hours. (Including personal study time). To suit The standards of The Yoga Alliance experts (UK) and The Yoga Alliance US, and it is also certified by the Federation of Antenatal Educators (FEDANT).

This course is available to persons with ardent interest in ante-natal education and is passionate to distribute this knowledge after the course to expectant mothers and also yoga teachers’ doulas and midwives.