Pros and Cons of Natural Pain Relief Methods!

When you’re in pain, you may get tempted to reach for a bottle of aspirin or other NSAID medication. However, you know that repeatedly taking such over-the-counter medications isn’t good for you, as, over time, they can cause problems. You know that what you’re experiencing isn’t bad enough to contact your doctor concerning. 

So, you conclude that you can deal with the pain through more natural methods. But what to choose? Why is this product a better choice than others you can get? 

The high-level choices are: 

  • More natural pills¬†¬†
  • Powders you mix into drinks,¬†
  • Liquids/ liniments¬†
  • Ointments, roll-ons, and creams¬†
  • acupressure/ acupuncture¬†
  • Stretching and exercise¬†
  • Dietary changes.¬†¬†



It may work, but it frequently takes a LOT more time to give you relief than NSAIDs  You (basically) never know what you’re getting. You could be throwing away your money. 
Gelcaps are easy to swallow  You have to remember to take them daily
Could take a few different types of pills to get the desired effect
Potentially Expensive 
The ingredients **may** be more bioavailable  Most taste strange/ take some getting used to 
You can get a variety of benefits from them Most are costly/ expensive
You have to take them every day to have any effect
They don’t work instantly
Acupressure/ Acupuncture 
More immediate relief if it works.  Lack of scientific data: The jury’s out on the efficacy of such treatments.   
You have to go out to receive such treatments.
You may need repeated treatments.  
It may not last as long as desired 
Stretching & Exercise
Improves health overall It may cause additional soreness. 
Lowers blood pressure You have to deal with gym hours if used 
Increases fitness Both gyms and fitness equipment cost money
Strengthens the exerciser over time When going to the gym, you have to deal with their rules and the people using them. 
Extends lifespan  Takes time 
Helps with blood sugar control
Helps with stress control
Dietary Changes 
Eating healthy overall is an excellent idea, pain relief or not.  Most of the foods you can eat for pain relief are for inflammation. 
You need more variety than just anti-inflammatory foods 
Pain reducing foods may be expensive
No immediate relief 
Liquids/ Liniments 
Reasonably inexpensive  Typically need to be used with bandages. 
You may be able to make them yourself with some basic ingredients Smelly
May stain clothing 
Not long-lasting
Ointments, roll-ons, & creams 
Rubs into the skin Don’t get in or on sensitive areas, including eyes; avoid using on or around open wounds 
Able to be used as needed  Temporary/ May not work *quite* as long as desired
Longer lasting than some of the other types of natural pain relief methods  NSAIDs may work better for some types of pain
Reasonably Immediate relief  Not everyone will be thrilled at the odor 
Most people aren’t bothered by the smell 
Rubs into the skin and doesn’t stain clothing 
WAY fewer side effects as compared to NSAIDs
Able to be combined with the other methods listed above without problems
Less expensive 
Less time consuming and bothersome than some of the other alternatives 

Examining all of these pros and cons, it seems evident that using ointments, roll-ons, and creams are the best natural and quickest pain relief method available. They don’t put toxic chemicals in your body like NSAIDs; they aren’t potentially addicting like prescription medications. They don’t take forever to work like pills. They don’t force you to change your diet to include anti-inflammatory foods like ginger, blueberries and tart cherries, pumpkin seeds, salmon, and turmeric. You know that if you use them, they will work. 

Choose Hempvana 

One of the best creams to consider is Hempvana. It works as an analgesic to relieve pain, containing 10% trolamine salicylate. The hemp seed extract also acts as a moisturizing agent, making the cream suitable for the skin. Furthermore, the hemp seed extract assists in the cream’s absorption into the skin. 

The cream effectively relieves pain from arthritis and sore joints, ‚Äúaches and pains‚ÄĚ from exercising, and moves wrong in daily life. Even stretching the wrong way can pull a muscle. It doesn‚Äôt take much Hempvana; get some from the jar, rub it into the sore area, and the pain goes away fast!¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

It comes in 4 oz jars for easy travel, so you never have to worry about doing without. Put in your purse, a suitcase, or your computer bag. You might even want to keep a spare one in your desk or car!  


1 jar: $19.99*

2 jars: $35.98 (10% savings)

4 jars $63.96 (20% savings)

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