Ps4 System Software Update Error (Dec) How To Fix It?

What’s this PS4 Error?

It’s a Ps 4 system update problem that stops the unit from signing on. Once the message ‘An error has happened (SU-30746-).’ seems in your PS4 display, you’ll uncover this problem. Thus, you might be wondering what caused this error to happen. What’s the underlying cause? To discover the answer, kindly carefully browse the next sentences.

The Error’s Causes

In case your PS4 alerts you of the system update issue, this can be brought on by out-of-date system versions, altered games, or any other factors.

Resolution of Ps4 System Software Update Error

To solve this issue, you might select any pursuit from this list. Therefore, let’s research to achieve further understanding.

Improve Your System

It may be initiated for those who have arrived at the house screen the PS4 update has unsuccessful. Therefore, connect the PS Console for your router with the LAN wire and proceed the following:

Visit the ‘Notifications’ tab.

Using the ‘Delete’ button, you are able to delete any existing file.

Select ‘Settings’.

‘System Software Update’ ought to be selected.

If you fail to connect to the desltop to solve the Ps4 System Software Update Error, choose ‘Update System Software’ to initiate Safe Mode. In the event that approach fails, try another method.

By hand Upgrade the PS4 Update Utilizing A USB

You’ll want the next materials on hands with this procedure:

Wireless Dual Sense or Dualshock controller (PS4/PS5)

A USB cable, your personal computer, an energetic Web connection, along with a 500 MB USB drive.

The process is the following:

Produce a folder known as ‘PS4’ around the USB.

Now users need to produce a new folder known as ‘UPDATE’ inside PS4 to deal with Ps4 System Software Update Error.

Then visit the upgrade page and install the file towards the ‘UPDATE’ directory.

The file ought to be named ‘PS4UPDATE.PUP’.

Connect the drive for your computer.

Take away the file when the ‘SU-41350-3’ error occurs.

Restart the pc in ‘Safe Mode.

Select ‘System Software Update’.

Then click ‘Update’ after which ‘OK’.

Public Reaction

On a single YouTube video, most people mentioned the methods labored well and were straightforward. Compared, some have noted the issue persists despite applying strategies.


We’ve discussed the solutions for resolving the Ps4 System Software Update Error in the following paragraphs. The numerous users’ thoughts about the approaches are displayed, using the majority claiming the processes are helpful. Find out more if you are searching for many pointers regarding how to resolve or trobleshoot and fix any difficulty.