PUBG developer Krafton has filed a lawsuit against Free Fire developer Garena, Apple and Google

PUBG developer Krafton has filed a suit against Garena, Apple and Google. Krafton alleged that Garena – which printed the fight royale games Free Fire and Free Fire Max – copied PUBG: Battlegrounds and it is suing Apple and Google for disbursing the games on their own particular application stores. Krafton also accused Google of hosting videos online that demonstrate Garena’s Free Fire and Free Fire Max game play. Krafton also apparently required action from the fight royale games under consideration.

Based on copyright violation complaint, shared through the edge, Krafton filed a suit against Free fire and developer Free Fire Max Garena. The developer of PUBG alleged that Garena copied his popular fight royale title. Krafton further pointed out within the suit that Garena had earned “hundreds of countless dollars” in the sales of two games which Apple and google made significant revenue in the distribution of these two Free Fire apps. Both apps continue to be for auction on Apple Application Store and Google Play Store.

Krafton states it required action against Free Fire and Free Fire Max on December 21. The very first ended up being to ask Garena “to immediately cease its operation of Free Fire and Free Fire Max, including revoking its apparent authorization from Apple and Google.” Garena apparently declined to do this. Individually, the PUBG developer also requested Apple and Google to “stop disbursing and exploiting” the 2 games on their own platforms, the 2 application stores still listed.

Youtube seemed to be requested to get rid of numerous videos on its platforms which include “elements that blatantly violate Battlegrounds, and individually, the infringing feature. These videos continue to be on the recording discussing platform of Google If you are intrigued by stated movie, here’s an idea.

Furthermore, the suit also mentions that Garena offered a game title in 2017 in Singapore that allegedly copied PUBG: Battlegrounds. Krafton pointed out that even though the claims were settled, there wasn’t any licensing agreement backward and forward game developers.

Based on Sensor Tower data distributed to The Verge, Free Fire earned $1.1 billion (about Rs 8,153 crore) in player spending in 2021, showing a 48% year-on-year growth. ‘other. As the amount Krafton earned throughout the same period was $2.98 billion (about Rs 22,087 crore), it just published a 7% year-on-year growth. other. The publish also verified the information from Appfigures and mentions that although the revenue figures were different, the information shows that Free Fire gets nearer to PUBG when it comes to recognition and revenue.

A spokesperson for Ocean, Garena’s parent company, told The Verge that “Krafton’s claims are groundless.”