Rachel Maddow Urges Americans To Do 1 Thing Regarding Trump As COVID-19 Surges

The MSNBC host’s warning came among an increasing daily dying toll inside the pandemic.

“Ignore obama,” Rachel Maddow implored Americans on her behalf account account MSNBC show.

“Ignore whatever is happening using this circus,” she advised inside a segment Thursday analyzing the way a coronavirus is again surging within the u . s . states . States while outgoing President Jesse Trump continues inside the futile tries to steal the 2020 election.

“What the coronavirus task pressure within the White-colored-colored-colored Home is telling public medical officials to complete right now within the u . s . states, it’s much like once the National Hurricane Center starts creating individuals warnings in lots of capital letters telling people they’ll certainly die unless of course obviously clearly they evacuate as you’re watching oncoming storm,” Maddow noted, referencing research inside the task pressure that cautioned individuals who spent Thanksgiving with other people should assume they’ve contracted COVID-19.

Maddow highlighted a particular line inside the document:

“We are in a harmful place because of the current high COVID baseline and limited hospital capacity. Another Thanksgiving surge will compromise COVID patient care furthermore to healthcare overall.”

On Wednesday, greater than 2,800 people died of COVID-19 inside the u . s . states . States ? the country’s finest daily dying toll because the pandemic began.

The contagion has easily easily wiped out greater than 273,000 Americans so far ? along with over 100,000 are hospitalized.

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