Rad140 Testolone: What Is It?

This adrenoceptor modulator, also known as Testolone AND rad 140, is one of the most potent mass-building SARMs available. Rad140 can safely promote development and growth in your bones and muscles while specifically binding with the androgens in each, all without compromising any other biological processes, such as hormone synthesis.

Testolone differs from many SARMs in that it has exchanged mass for strength rather than concentrating solely on mass growth. And since these go together, this deal is arguably one of the best decisions you could ever make.


Although testosterone may be more renowned for its talents in bodybuilding, according to Radius Healthcare’s Phase I clinical trials, its reputation also extends to other sectors.

Research is currently being conducted to ascertain rad140 for sale effectiveness in treating weight loss brought on by cachexia and to see if it may be utilized as a less dangerous alternative to hormonal therapy. This is because it can help prevent prostate expansion. After all, it is just a partial agonist/antagonist to androgenic regulators in the prone.

Similarly, because testosterone only binds to the androgens in your muscle and bone tissues, it can safely promote the growth of lean muscle mass, stop muscle wasting, and, in sufficient amounts, aid in fat loss.

However, with this specific SARM, it is important to remember that it is only accessible as a research molecule. It is unlawful if purchased for any other purpose.

How does testosterone function?

Rad140, like most SARMs, has an affinity for specific androgens in your body, in this case, the ones within your muscle and bone tissues. Testolone binds to these specific receptors when it comes into contact with them before simulating the actions of testosterone or DHT.

For instance, it will speed up protein synthesis and increase nitrogen retention, allowing you to grow lean muscle mass more quickly.


Depending on your fitness or bodybuilding objectives, you can couple or stack Ibutamoren Stacks Cycle MK-677 Sarm with other Sarms. Stacking Ibutamoren and Cardarine will improve the body’s endurance and ability to burn fat if you want a cutting-shape body. Testolone (RAD-144) and S23 are the most often combined sarms with MK-677.

Every Sarm has a similar effect on testosterone, especially when paired with RAD-140. However, this can be countered if the right PCT is available. Whether used or alone in conjunction with Ibutamoren, testosterone is a fantastic sarm for obvious muscle development and physical power, but it unquestionably requires post-cycle therapy.

Testolone can also produce the following Rad140 outcomes when used alone:


As we already discussed, Rad140 is recognized for enhancing your strength. You will start to see a change in your lifts as soon as 2 weeks into your cycle since they will get easier. You’ll also be able to exercise harder and for longer throughout sets.

Even anabolic steroids cannot ensure that these strength improvements occur gradually and regularly; they are quite real. They frequently offer you a false sensation of strength, which might harm you. Rad140 doesn’t experience these issues.