Rockstar Games Launcher Error 6000.87 {Nov 2021} Find Fixes!

Within this publish, we’ve discussed the Rockstar Games Launcher Error 6000.87 and multiple fixes for that error.

Are you currently a normal player of Rockstar Games action-adventure games? Are you currently facing difficulties with the Rockstar Game Launcher? If so, only then do we have listed multiple fixes within this publish.

Rockstar Games is really a major online writer of game titles. Regrettably, lots of people worldwide, mainly in the U . s . States, are facing issues with the Rockstar Game Launcher. So, within this publish, we’ll discuss Rockstar Games Launcher Error 6000.87 and it is fixes.

About Rockstar Games Launcher 6000.87 Error

Rockstar Games Launcher may be the official launcher for that famous gaming writer, Rockstar Games. Rockstar Games publishes action-adventure games and it is the state writer from the Grand Thievery Auto franchise. Other popular games in the writer are Night time Club and ManHunt.

Many players are facing a 6000.87 Error. The mistake is blocking accessibility launcher. So, some players’ screens aren’t loading, yet others are facing freezing on startup. Some players will also be facing connection issues. So, we’ve listed some fixes to assist our readers using the error.

Listing of fixes for that Rockstar Games Launcher Error 6000.87

The Rockstar Games Launcher 6000.87 Error isn’t letting players open the Rockstar Games Launcher. So, here are a few fixes towards the error.

Restart or relaunch the Rockstar Game Launcher

Restart the Rockstar Game Launcher to resolve some minor bugs and errors. Users are suggested to test an easy restart prior to trying other complex solutions.

Do a clean boot

When the launcher isn’t working, then there’s potential software interference. To identify this kind of issue, users can consider using a clean boot.

Press Home windows R and open the Run dialogue box.

Type msconfig around the box and press Enter to resolve Rockstar Games Launcher Error 6000.87.

A configuration tab will appear.

Within the configuration tab, choose the survive box, look for hiding All Microsoft Services and disable it.

Open the job Manager within the Startup tab.

Disable all of the startup products within the Task Manager under Startup by right-hitting the items and disabling them.

Close the job Manager tab.

Select Ok around the System Configuration within the Startup tab.

Now restart laptop computer to accomplish the clean boot.

Reinstall the Social Club application and also the Rockstar Game launcher

If nothing matches your needs, you will want to reinstall the applying to resolve the Rockstar Games Launcher Error 6000.87. Adopt these measures to do this:

Open the Run dialogue tab by pressing Home windows R.

Type appwiz.cpl on the move dialogue box and press enter.

Search for the Rockstar Games Social Club and Rockstar Game Launch file. Right click the files and uninstall them one at a time.

Open the File Explorer by pressing Home windows E, and check for that backups and caches within the PC’s C drive after which delete individuals files.

Now install the launcher again and do the installation.


The Rockstar Games Launcher 6000.87 Error is concerning for users, so we hope these fixes enable you to solve the mistake. Go to the Rockstar Game Launcher web site to learn more.

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