Ruben Sim Lawsuit (2021) Roblox Sues Him For $1.6 Million

Who’s Ruben Sim?

Ruben Sim is a well-liked YouTube video creator and influencer. His real name is Benjamin Robert Simon. He acquired recognition being an influencer after his Roblox videos were loved and appreciated through the users.

He’s in the U . s . States and began his virtual career in 2010. He were able to gather as many as 766 000 subscribers for the YouTube funnel. He’s most widely known for creating videos to explain the game play from the Roblox games.

What’s the Ruben Sim Suit About?

As reported by the news and sources, Roblox Corporation filed a suit from the YouTube Creator and Influencer, Ruben Sim, on Tuesday, 23rd November 2021. The sources also confirmed the situation includes different allegations against Ruben Sim, including offensive behavior around the platform and harassing the platform’s users.

Roblox Corporation also alleged the creator enjoyed continuous accessibility platform using different fake accounts, and that he unhappy the workers. Roblox also believes the creator continues to be while using fake Ip around the hardware.

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There are lots of other allegations from the creator which are pointed out within the Ruben Sim Suit.

Do you know the Damages Brought on by Ruben Sim?

The suit claims that Simon continues to be continuously encouraging all his supporters to make use of the techniques he suggests to fight the bans enforced by Roblox. Those activities got much more alarming for that platform when quite a few users reported receiving terrorist-like threats.

Roblox accused Ruben Sim of posting terrorist-like threats from the platform and it is users. The reports claim that the creator’s activities plan to shut lower the developer conference temporarily, that was scheduled for October 2021.

The Ruben Sim Suit also claims that the creator advised all his supporters to rebuild the 2018 active shooting incident at YouTube’s headquarter. The suit continues to be under process, and you’ll have an update around the official Twitter account.

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So how exactly does Ruben Sim React to the Suit?

The YouTube Content Creator, Ruben Sim, finally taken care of immediately the allegations via his Twitter account on 24th November 2021. He stated that when the suit is resolved, he’ll develop the entire statement.

He’s still creating videos for his supporters, he put in his publish.


Following the threats from Ruben Sim, the developer conference was locked lower temporarily, and also the private security agency and police were investigating the ability. Now Ruben Sim Suit is filed by Roblox to pay for the price.

The developer conference incurred around $50 000 in expenses for investigating the incident and securing the venue. So, to pay, Roblox sued Ruben Sim and requested to pay for $1.six million.