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Each and every food does have its distinct tastes and flavors. And why is tasty food different from the normal an individual include the tastes from it as well as add all those flavors, lots of compounds and spices are used and mixed.

These days, I can tell you a dish designed to increase a really good and gratifying flavour to all of the food that you just take in. This menu is simple and anyone, even your 15-year-aged young child can make it at your home with virtually no uncertainty.

Today we are going to develop a very famous seasoning referred to as vinegar and salt seasoning. This formula is rather short and simple one. I mastered this recipes from my mother while i discovered her generating a little something swiftly in your kitchen.

Let us begin to make this wonderful method without the problem. Initially, you will need some materials. Here are the constituents are provided during the dining room table under that have to make this vinegar and Salt Seasoning in the home.

Ingredients for Salt and vinegar Seasoning

Ingredients Quantity
Sea salt 6 tsp
Vinegar 3 tsp
Corn flour 1 tsp


These are the materials that you will want for this method. Amazed? It is sufficient to make this yummy vinegar and salt seasoning. You will get these ingredients at any close by go shopping as part of your locality.

This recipe normally takes hardly any a chance to get full. You just need to hold out for just a few a matter of minutes for creating this seasoning at home. So, here are the complete time details below.

How Much Time Would it Take ?

Preparation time Cooking time Total time
5 minutes 5 minutes 10 minutes

Now is available the most convenient as well as the most anticipated aspect which I assume each of that you are awaiting. So, let’s check the direction to make this recipe at home.

Vinegar and Salt Seasoning Formula

Get a bowl and increase the many materials in it.

Blend all the components well with the aid of a solid wood table spoon.

Placed this paste over a cooking tray leaving it for twenty-four hours at space temperatures.

Bust this coarse natural powder by using a fork or store and spoon it in the cooking area.

You will find, you may have carried out the formula of sea salt and vinegar seasoning within minutes of wait around.

Test it using your most loved popcorns or some salads such as fowl serving or tarragon chicken greens.

Nutritional Facts of Vinegar and Salt Seasoning

This recipes has nothing at all which can hurt your overall health or disrupt your food intake. Still, i am sharing this nutritional break down of this Salt and Vinegar Seasoning for your convenience.


Calories 10
Fat 0 gm
Carbohydrates 2 gm
Protein 0 gm
Fiber 0 gm
Calcium 0 mg