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SCP-001 is a code designation assigned to an SCP within the SCP Basis. It’s also often called Awaiting De-classification and Prime Secret. Aside from SCPs which were instructed to have the designation SCP-001 and are all listed on the muse, there isn’t an official SCP categorized as SCP-001.

The SCP-001 is a sapient being or beings able to beginning and controlling anomalous phenomena on Earth and in all detectable elements of area at the moment utilizing present scientific methods. SCP-001 is hostile and is considered pushed by the need to inflict extreme agony and misery on humanity on a worldwide scale. SCP-001 seems to be utilizing the mechanism of large-scale human establishments being undermined, notably the idea in a rational consensus actuality, to perform this function.

Because the Basis’s institution, anomalous behaviour has been recorded, and there’s proof that it has existed for the reason that starting of recorded historical past. Early statistical fashions, nevertheless, instructed a coordinated participant was answerable for a large variety of verified anomalies shortly after the formal creation of the Basis. In 1953, it was decided that an agent was current that was inflicting this phenomenon. Early in 1954, the Basis was capable of talk with SCP-001, proving that it had mind and sapience that have been shut sufficient to people to permit for the transmission of knowledge that was helpful. The information of this change are at the moment solely obtainable to these with Stage 5 clearance.

Mission Serapis (later often called SCP-2798) was began as quickly as SCP-001 communicated with it. Throughout its existence, SCP-001’s capability to establish and understand people and Earth is believed to have been severely hampered by this endeavour, which is considered the reason for a steep discount within the variety of new anomalous occurrences and high-impact anomalies.

As of two November 2016, SCP-001 has resumed its direct management over anomalous exercise on Earth and within the surrounding space following the termination of SCP-2798. SCP-001 has been profitable in finding and precisely figuring out the Earth’s inhabitants. This has manifested as newly found anomalies, in addition to the spontaneous resurfacing of beforehand contained phenomena exterior the management of the Basis, in new iterations which were altered to ostensibly pose higher containment challenges and have a extra important psychological toll on Basis personnel and civilians. This file features a growing record of altered phenomena with SCP designations already in place.

At the moment, it’s unsure precisely what SCP-001 is. Data at the moment obtainable signifies that SCP-001 is alive, inhabits a airplane of existence that’s just like or similar to that which will be noticed by humanity, reveals an natural type of intelligence just like that of people or has been modified to take action, and has a profound understanding of human psychology.

It’s at the moment unknown why SCP-001 manipulates native actuality, nevertheless there could also be some clarification. There are at the moment no recognized methods to immediately have an effect on SCP-001.

Most requested questions on SCP 001:

What SCP is 001?

One of the most potent beings recognized to The SCP Basis is The Gate Guardian, additionally recognized as SCP-001. 
When they obtain a go to from a supernatural stranger, Tim and Gustav are dispatched on a journey to the desert to examine SCP-001’s conduct

When was SCP-001 discovered?

Early in 1954, the Basis was ready to talk with SCP-001, proving that it had mind and sapience that have been shut sufficient to people to enable for the transmission of data that was helpful.
Character Profile. SCP-001 is a humanoid object with a peak of roughly 700 cubits that may be present in an unidentified space near the confluence of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers.
A Protected Class SCP underneath the identify of ‚ÄúGod,‚ÄĚ SCP-343. He‚Äôs considered an all-powerful, raceless deity who has adopted the looks of the Abrahamic God.

Who’re the scariest wanting SCP?

You’ll be able to test the highest 100 Scariest wanting SCP on this article.

Who’s the primary SCP?

The primary SCP file, SCP-173, and a picture of the sculpture ‚ÄúUntitled 2004‚ÄĚ by Japanese artist Izumi Kato have been posted by an nameless consumer (later recognized as Moto42) within the ‚Äúparanormal‚ÄĚ /x/ discussion board of 4chan in 2007. That is the place the SCP Basis acquired its begin.

What number of SCPs are there?

5000 SCPs have been confined, and twice as many gadgets have been evaluated or designated as irregular artefacts.

What SCP is the solar?

The Solar is now often called SCP-001 after an incident that precipitated 6.8 billion deaths within the first twenty-four hours. The SCP-001 impact seems to be brought on by gentle within the seen spectrum (between 390 and 700 nm), not UV radiation.

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