Simon Leviev Wife {2022} Explore Name And Background!

The Storyline of Simon Leviev

The documentary ‘The Tinder Swindler’ has uncovered Simon, whose real name is Shimon Hayut, like a conman that has defrauded women on Tinder and stole thousands and thousands of dollars from their store. Simon demonstrated themself like a millionaire towards the women on Tinder, lured them, and stole the cash. Similarly he did with Polina, who’s Simon Leviev Ex Wife. She’s a Russian model and actress. Very couple of details are available about her only one factor is for certain that they also fell for Simon on Tinder and then left him.

With this particular, people began asking who this lady is at real existence. The rumored girlfriend of Simon Leviev has been revealed. A fascinating truth is that because the documentary’s release, Leviev has deleted all his social networking accounts. It has unquestionably elevated questions, however the girl’s identity is revealed.

Who’s Simon Leviev Wife?

The rumored girlfriend of Simon Leviev is Kate Conlin. An Israeli model, Kate Konlin, had met Simon Leviev on Tinder. She also revealed within an interview that Simon contacted her on Instagram. She also pointed out that Simon had informed her everything about his shady past to Konlin, plus they dated once understanding the facts about one another.

She claimed that Simon didn’t hide everything from her, and she or he recognized him after knowing everything. It has additionally been reported that Simon swayed Kate Konlin with costly gifts and, like several the ladies he lured with on Tinder, Simon Leviev Wife also fall to her desires and whatnot. However, in the series also, Simon lives happily with girlfriend in the finish from the story. He’s been portrayed like a free man in Israel who’s now living happily having a lady.

The aftermath of ‘The Tinder Swindler’

You will find reports that Simon and Konlin have separated their ways because the discharge of the documentary. This is viewed as the reason behind Simon deleting his Instagram account, where he’d tagged Kate Konlin in certain posts.


Because the discharge of the most recent Netflix documentary, ‘the Tinder Swindler’, Simon Leviev continues to be adopted by individuals worldwide. There have been questions regarding his existence, current status plus much more. With Simon Leviev Wife now revealed, you will find reports that individuals are following with equal interest. It’s been understood that Simon lured Kate with costly gifts and demonstrated themself like a millionaire businessman. To understand more, see What’s Simon Leviev, Netflix’s Tinder Swindler, doing now?