Sinnoh Pokedex 114 {Nov} Read Its Gaming Stats, Location

About Sinnoh Pokédex

The Pokémon developers introduced Sinnoh Pokédex in the 4th generation from the Pokémon series which contains 151 figures in the Gemstone and Gem edition. There have been 210 gaming figures around the Platinum edition.

There is additionally a particular group of Brilliant Gemstone and Shining Gem that contained 151 Pokémon figures. This exclusive edition was initiated by presenting the type Turtwig and ended with another character, Manaphy. These gaming figures received massive acceptance in the on the internet community, encouraging developers to produce new Pokémon generations with new exciting figures.

Sinnoh Pokedex 114

114th Sinnoh Pokedex comes underneath the 4th generation from the popular Pokémon series.

The 114th Sinnoh Pokedex character is known as Unown. The type was created with one big eye, two legs, one arm, and something ear.

Unown was created and produced by Ken Sugimori on first October 2012.

The peculiarity of Unown is it does not have any single voice actor to represent its voice. Multiple voice artists provide voice to Unown.

Unown has as many as twenty-eight variations. They all have a resemblance towards the original version.

Gaming Stats of Unown

Based on the official gaming data, Sinnoh Pokedex 114 has 48 HP.

The attacking point is 72.

The defense point is 48, that is less when compared with other Pokémon figures.

Unown includes a special attacking reason for 72.

The special defense point can also be 48.

The rate of Unown is restricted to 48 points.

Thinking about all of the points pointed out above, Unown has 336 points as a whole.

Locations of Unown

In Very, Gold, and Silver versions, Unown is located within the section of Ruins of Alph.

Within the Emerald, Ruby, and Azure versions, Unown is situated in the Trade area. Continue reading Sinnoh Pokedex 114.

In LeafGreen and FireRed versions, it’s found within the Tanoby Chambers.

In Platinum, Gemstone, and Gem versions, it’s available at Solaceon Ruins.

Trade offers an occupants spot for Unown in X and Y, Black and White-colored versions.

Sun & Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon versions also facilitate Unown’s presence. El born area is called Transfer.


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