Space Station Gorilla Suit (Jan 2022) What’s The Story About?

The guide shares information on the viral video that showcases the area Station Gorilla Suit story.

A viral video is trending nowadays where an additional-worldly Ape is viewed chasing astronauts within the Worldwide Space Station. It’s an old video of the well-coordinated prank in ISS. Based on reports, NASA Astronauts smuggled a complete-size gorilla suit in 2016 in Worldwide Space Station.

The footage was recorded in 2016, however it went viral lately where Scott Kelly was seen putting on the gorilla suit and orbiting the earth in 2016 after his brother and Scott conspired to obtain a full-size Space Station Gorilla Suit on their own space mission.

Lots of people within the U . s . States, Canada, and also the Uk browse online for more information.

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When Did the Gorilla Suit Incident Happened?

The gorilla suit incident happened when Scott Kelly, the Worldwide Space Station Expeditions 26, 45, and 46, is at his space mission. It had been ISS mission 46 that began on eleventh 12 , 2015 once the incident happened.

Once the mission involved to finish, the dual brother Mark Kelly shared the concern package in 2016, to Gorilla Suit Worldwide Space Station.

To be the upon the market astronaut, he’s well experienced with how lonely an astronaut will get wide, and therefore to include some spice, he decides to produce something amusing.

Who Had Been Seen Putting on the Gorilla Suit?

The viral video introduced high curiosity about the area story. However the tweet includes a wrong storyline concerning the gorilla suit.

The tweet states that Mark Kelly smuggled the gorilla suit towards the ISS without intimating anybody, and something day it placed on the suit to create pranks from the fellow astronauts. However, sources confirmed mark’s identical brother Scott Kelly used the suit.

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How Did People Respond to Space Station Gorilla Suit Story?

Spence Todd published the recording on his official Twitter account. Right after the recording was printed, lots of people began discussing and speaking concerning the gorilla suit story. There have been many tweets and comments around the discussion forums.

Individuals are shocked how astronauts can perform the prank within the Worldwide Space Station and just how the gorilla suit ends around the ISS. People aware and also have understanding from the incident also confirmed the Gorilla Suit Worldwide Space Station story isn’t new, as recorded in 2016.

Many people also confirmed the identical brother Scott Kelly committed the prank and never by Mark Kelly. The recording now has wrinkles, however it went viral following the filmmaker published it on his Twitter account.

If you are looking at studying the threads and comments, look into the discussion forum online.


A viral video is trending nowadays where an astronaut is viewed putting on a complete-size gorilla suit smuggled towards the ISS in 2016. The recording on Space Station Gorilla Suit isn’t new, because it was recorded in 2016. However a filmmaker, Todd, printed it lately, and then, it went viral making news among his fans.

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