Sri Garbarakshambigai Temple 2022!

Sri Garbarakshambigai Amman temple is located in Thirukarukavur (Thirukkarugavur), a small village in Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu, South India. That is an historic temple of God Shiva devoted to Sri Mullaivananathar and Sri Garbarakshambigai Amman. Appar, Sundarar and Sambandhar, the three well-known Naayanmaars have celebrated the glory of this temple in soul stirring verses.

The exceptional characteristic which distinguishes this temple from the opposite shrines is that, Goddess Sri Garbarakshambigai Amman right here cures infertility associated issues to ladies, blesses them to conceive and likewise helps them for protected and hassle free supply.

Sri Mullaivananathar swamy is worshipped for higher well being and nicely being.


Thirukarukavur is a village located in Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu, South India. This village is 6 kms south of Papanasam, a city in between Thanjavur and Kumbakonam predominant highway.

Attain Thirukarugavur Temple:

Path to this temple:

Thirukarugavur is located 6 kms south of Papanasam, a city in between Thanjavur – Kumbakonam predominant highway. Devotees from Southern (Kaniyakumari, Madurai, Theni and many others) and western components (Trichy, Salem, Coimbatore and many others) of the state have to achieve Thanjavur and from there to Papanasam which is 25 kms from Thanjavur after which to Thirukarukavur 6kms from Papanasam.

Historical past (Thalavaralaru)

Greatness of the Goddess Arulmigu Garbarakshambigai:

Within the distant previous two sages by the title of Gowthama and Gargeya did penance at this place known as ‘MULLAIVANAM’ ie. (Jasmine Forest). A pair by title Nidhruva and Vedikai stayed in the identical ashram and rendered service to the sages. For the reason that couple had no kids they represented this to the sages. The sages suggested the couple to worship Sri Garbarakshambigai. The couple did that with intense devotion and their prayers obtained answered. Vedikai obtained conceived.

Throughout her later stage of being pregnant and whereas her husband Nidhruva was away from house she was in a faint state because of the pressure of being pregnant. At this second, a sage by title Sri.Urdhuvapada got here to her abode and requested for alms. Because of her unconscious mind-set, she didn’t reply to that sage’s request. The sage was enraged at this obvious indifference and cursed her with out realizing the precise purpose for her silence. As a result of curse, her fetus obtained disintegrated and descended. Shocked Vedikai prayed to the Goddess in nice misery. The Goddess appeared earlier than her, protected the fetus, preserved it in a sacred pot till it developed right into a male youngster and offered it to the devoted couple. The mother and father named their youngster as ‘Naidhuruvan’.

Struck by this nice act of benevolence of the Almighty Goddess, the immensely grateful Vedikai prayed to the Goddess to stay on this place and shield ladies and their foetus as she had finished in her case. The Goddess accepted her prayer and stays right here as ‘Garbharakshambigai’ which means ‘savior of foetus’. Because of this fame this place got here to be often called ‘Thirukarukavur’ i.e., the place the place being pregnant is protected and likewise the place the place childless {couples} are blessed with kids.

Later whereas Vedikai had no mom’s milk to feed her youngster Naidhuruvan, answering her prayers Goddess despatched ‘Kamadhenu’ the divine cow to this place to feed the kid. Kamadhenu scratched the earth in entrance of the temple along with her hoof and milk got here out in a lot from the bottom and it shaped right into a ‘Milk Tank’. This Tank exists even now within the title of ‘Ksheerakundam’

Thus at this sacred place childless individuals who worship the Goddess with devotion and religion are blessed with being pregnant. These pregnancies are nicely protected and the ladies are blessed with protected and hassle free deliveries.

Greatness of God Sri Mullaivananathar:

The Lord of this place is named ‘Mullaivananathar'(which means lord in jasmine forest). Even right now everybody can see the impression of jasmine creepers which as soon as lined it. Linga here’s a ‘Swayambu’ i.e. Self Manifested. This Linga is made up of ant hill mud. Therefore abishekam to Linga utilizing water is prevented. As an alternative, the Linga is merely pasted with a type of should known as ‘Punuhu’ throughout valarpirai Pradosham.. People who find themselves with incurable illness come to this place to supply ‘Punugu Chattam’ to the Lord and get themselves cured from the illnesses. It is a truth which is definitely verified even right now.

The next festivals are being carried out on this temple.

1) Pradoshams

2) Vaikasi Brahmotsavams

3) Aadi Pooram

4) Navarathiri Kolu

5) Navarathiri Theppam (Float competition)

6) Thirukkarthigai

7) Karthigai Somavaram

8) Margazhi utsavam (Thanur month)

9) Aarudhra Dharisanam

10) Mahashivarathiri

11) Panguni Uthiram.

Worship timings:

Morning Night
5.30 am to 12.30 pm 4.00 pm to eight.00 pm


Blessed Ghee for being pregnant

{Couples} craving for a kid have to return in individual to this temple, get hold of ghee from the counter, mild 11 ghee lamp and should do step smearing (Padi Mezhuguthal) in sacred Ambal Sannadhi and pray for his or her youngster. After returning to their house they need to purchase high quality ghee for 1/2 kg and blend them with the sacred ghee obtained from this temple. Earlier than going to mattress {couples} ought to take a teaspoonful of the ghee for subsequent 48 days. Ladies ought to keep away from consuming this ghee throughout their intervals, whereas males ought to proceed with out break. We recommendation the {couples} to recite the mantras which will probably be given to them in a guide kind throughout their go to to this temple. It is a perception that’s backed up by the expertise of many.

Individuals who’re unable to go to this temple in individual can get hold of blessed ghee from this temple by means of put up or courier.  After receiving the ghee prasadam the {couples} can buy 1/2 kg of ghee and blend them with the sacred ghee obtained from this temple and comply with the process detailed above.

Blessed castor oil for simple supply

Pregnant lady in third trimester has to acquire blessed oil from this temple. It isn’t obligatory for the girl to return in individual whereas her husband or any member of the family can come and procure the blessed oil. The oil have to be utilized within the decrease stomach of the girl throughout ache. We recommendation the girl to recite the mantras meant for protected and hassle free supply

Punugu sattam

Sri Mullaivananathar Swamy is worshiped for higher well being. The Swamy right here is swayambhu i.e, self manifested. He’s made up of hardened mud and there’s no Abhishegam for this God. As an alternative Punugu sattam is being supplied on the Valarpirai Pradosham day, the eleventh day after new moon. This Punugu is believed to have therapeutic energy and it’s being despatched as prasadam for the peoples that suffer attributable to incurable pores and skin illnesses, cardiac illnesses and surgical procedure.


Abishegams are carried out throughout these timings. Monday to Saturday : 8.00 am Abishegams are usually not carried out throughout night, Sundays and Competition days. Pre-bookings are made for abishegams. Devotees are anticipated to be current 1/2 hour earlier than abishegam. Delay causes discomfort to different devotees.


“Annadhana is one of the best type of dhana”. Annadanam improves energy, sharpness of mind and divinity to each the donor and receiver. Amongst all presents of charity, offering meals to the hungry is the best of all presents as meals provides life, longevity, mild and vitality. This temple is positioned in a distant village, the place high quality mid-day meal is unavailable to the devotees who arrive after a protracted journey. Subsequently the temple offers free mid-day meal to 100 individuals each day. Donate liberally for Annadhanam scheme.

Kattalai Archanai

Kattalai archanai is one sort of archanai which is being finished on explicit date or star, which the devotee prefers. It’s finished for a specific interval (minimal 1 yr) or for all times time. It’s a must to ship stipulated quantity for the interval you want to do archanai. Prasadams will probably be despatched to you in month-to-month foundation. Pregnant ladies go for kattalai archanai as much as their being pregnant interval.

Navakodi Ghee lamps

All auspicious capabilities start with the lighting of the lamp, which is commonly maintained proper by means of the event. Gentle symbolizes information, and darkness – ignorance. The Lord is the “Data Precept” (Chaitanya) who’s the supply, the enlivener and the illuminator of all information. Therefore mild is worshiped because the Lord himself.

The normal ghee lamp has an extra religious significance. The ghee within the lamp symbolizes our vaasanas or damaging tendencies and the wick, the sin. When lit by religious information, the vaasanas get slowly exhausted and the sin too lastly perishes.

On this temple, individuals who pray for being pregnant, are suggested to mild up eleven lamps (one for Sri. Vinayagar, one for the Lord Mullaivananathar and 9 for Almighty Sri. Garbarakshambigai) and who pray for protected supply are suggested to mild 5 lamps (one for Sri. Vinayagar, one for the Lord Mullaivananathar and three for Almighty Sri. Garbarakshambigai).

Sandana Kaapu:

Sandalwood paste performs an integral half for rituals and ceremonies in Hindu faith. It provides a cooling impact to thoughts and soul. Subsequently devotees provide Sandalwood paste smearing (Sandana Kaapu) to Goddess Garbarakshambigai to bless their want. The Sandana Kaapu pooja is obtainable on Friday evenings. The associated fee is Rs.5000 for each Indian and abroad devotees and you might be requested to contact temple workplace for the date of reserving.

Thanga Thottil

On this temple we have now one distinctive means of Thanking Goddess Garbarakshambigai for her benevolence. It’s known as Thanga Thottil prarthanai. Blessed couple having youngster after praying to Goddess Garbarakshambigai can thank her by inserting their youngster in Thanga Thottil (Golden cradle) and circumventing Amman Praharam with their youngster. Images and movies are allowed to be taken and could be posted in social networking websites. The price of the Prarthanai is Rs.550. There isn’t any pre-booking for it.


That is an age outdated custom which is adopted in lots of temples. Putting your youngster in a single plate of the weighing scale and balancing the opposite with items is named Thulabharam. We settle for every kind of supplies like Ghee, oil, meals grains, fruits, forex cash, gold, silver and many others in Thulabaram.

Those that can’t are available in individual to mild ghee lamps can use the temple service to take action. Lighting ghee lamps as much as the variety of their age is a typical incidence right here.

Earboring and Tonsure prayers

Ear boring of your youngster could be finished on this temple. You might be requested to name this temple workplace earlier and make association for the gold smith to the current throughout your go to.

Equally for Tonsuring head prayers please name this temple workplace earlier and make preparations for it.