The Importance of Good Hygiene

Good hygiene is something you should not take for granted. You cannot just expect to wake up in the morning and automatically have good hygiene as you need to make the effort and take the necessary precautions in order to keep a good level of hygiene which would keep you and those around you safe and healthy.

Importance of Good Hygiene

The basics

The basic steps such a washing your hands, showering you when you need to and wearing clean clothes are the basics but they are also the most important steps. However, although the steps are basic and easy if it is not done right then it will not work. Therefore, it is important that you are mindful. For example, when washing your hands, simply holding them under the tap for 5 seconds is not going to do anything to take the germs off.

If you want the process of washing your hands to be effective, then wash and scrub your hands with soap. Water alone is not enough to get the dirt off therefore make sure you wash your hands with soap and water. There is no hard and fast rule as to how many times a day you need to shower. Some people may shower three times a day where as other only once a day.

The frequency of which you shower can vary from person to person as it depends on making factors such as the climate and your line of work. As some jobs such as construction and plumbing may cause you to get dirtier faster than compared to other jobs you may then need to shower more than once a day.

However, the important thing is not how many times a day you shower but how well you shower. Showering three times a day and not scrubbing yourself well will not be very effective as it will be more effective to shower just once a day if you do it properly.

Take precautions

Taking extra precaution is a good idea as this could further help you keep a good level of hygiene. For example, carrying a hand wash in your bag will come in handy if your office fails to provide you with a bat of soap or hand wash. Wearing a face shield when using public transport will help you to keep germs at bay.

As you may not always be able to find a bathroom or a sink to wash your hands in, it is a good idea to carry hand sanitizer with you. For instance, when using public transport there won’t be any place for you to wash your hands, carrying a hand sanitizer with you will help you clean down until you get home.

Make a conscious effort

Having a good level of hygiene is not just important for you but also those around you, especially people you live with. Therefore, try and make a conscious effort to practice good hygiene daily because once you instil these methods into your daily routine you won’t have to make a conscious effort anymore as it will likely come naturally to you.