The Most Common Causes of Eye Injuries and How to Prevent Them

We all have come across an eye injury during our childhood days or witnessed someone around us getting injured. If you got a flashback of those moments, you know how painful it can be. Sports injuries, car accidents, and foreign objects in the eye are all possible causes of eye injuries. You may feel pain, swelling, redness, and other symptoms in the affected area. Some people even see flashes of light or experience alterations in their vision. Serious damage to the eye may result in permanent vision impairment. So be careful with your eyes. In this article, we are going to discuss what are the causes of an eye injury and how you can prevent them by taking a few simple measures. So, continue reading!

What is an eye injury?

A person who gets injured in the eye often gets bruises, punctures, and scratches in the affected area. Eye injuries can be caused by a variety of factors including accidents, chemical exposure, insect bites, foreign objects entering the eyes, and whatnot! Acute eye injuries should be seen by an ophthalmologist right away. Rest and at-home therapies can help certain eye injuries heal. If the injury is very severe, it may even result in permanent vision loss. So, try to avoid such injuries and if due to an accidental situation you get injured then don’t take the situation lightly. Visit your doctor right away and get proper medical attention.

Who is an easy target of an eye injury?

An eye injury can happen due to several factors and anyone can be affected. Children and teenagers are more likely than adults to sustain eye injuries, particularly while participating in sports or engaging in other recreational activities. People who play sports such as football and hockey are at greater risk. Baseball and softball players are more prone than other athletes to sustain an eye injury as a result of a flying ball.

Construction workers, as well as those who work with chemicals, lasers, and other potentially irritating substances, are at greater risk of suffering an eye injury on the job. Injuries to the eyes can also occur at home when doing chores such as yard work, cooking, and cleaning.

What are the causes of eye injuries?

Severe eye injuries can result in damage to the eyeball as well as the bones and tissues surrounding the eye. If you are using drills or saws, mowing or edging the lawn, you run the risk of causing eye injuries. In addition to these, the following are common causes of eye injuries:


Baseballs, tennis balls, and volleyballs can all cause injuries when they fly through the air. Eye injuries can also occur as a result of contact sports (such as an elbow in the face during a basketball game).


A wide range of accidents, including injuries from sharp objects, blunt force, and falls, can result in eye injury or loss of vision. Car accidents are a common cause of eye injuries, which can be caused by the impact of the vehicle during the crash or by shattered glass. Eye damage can occur as a result of grease splatters when cooking or exposure to chemicals while doing household cleaning.

Chemical, laser, and other irritants in the workplace increase the likelihood of an eye injury on the job for those who deal with them on a regular basis. Eye hemorrhage can occur as a result of severe exertion while coughing, vomiting, or lifting a large object.

How to prevent eye injuries?

The majority of eye injuries can be avoided by taking precautions and using the appropriate protective equipment. If you want to avoid eye damage, you should do the following:

1. Wearing good quality prescription safety glasses is a must especially while participating in sports or activities that place you at a higher risk of an eye injury, such as skiing, snowboarding, swimming, cycling, running, fishing, or any other sports activity. When working with chemicals, doing yard work, sawing wood, or using power tools, make sure you wear suitable eye protection.

2. Chemicals should be stored carefully. Maintain a safe distance from detergents, cleaners, bleach, and other chemicals. When using cleaning materials, wear goggles to protect your eyes.

3.Fireworks or anything that involves fire should only be handled by adults. Children should not be allowed to handle them. Always read labels carefully before buying and using such things.

4.Never play with laser pointers. Never point a laser pointer at anyone’s eyes, never allow your children to play with laser pointers, and warn them about how harmful it can be.

Wrapping Up

Eye injuries are very normal to happen but they can become a major issue if the injury is severe. But don’t worry, in this article we have covered the major causes that can lead to eye injuries and some ways by which you can prevent them. Make sure that you wear a pair of good quality safety glasses while performing any activity that has the potential risk to damage your eyesight. If you are looking forward to buying one then you can scroll through CA Glasses has an exclusive range of stylish and comfortable safety glasses that are made especially for you using high-quality polycarbonate material. Make your purchase today and ensure the safety of your eyes as you carry out your regular work or sports activities!