These chips can thank NFL stadiums for their existence

If only I used to be within the room whenever a marketing guru developed the concept of ??digging up dirt from National football league stadiums, mixing it in fields in Texas and growing taters to create bags from it. special edition team-specific Lay’s poker chips. Because it’s pretty vibrant.

Lay’s Golden Grounds chips undergo an ordinary procedure for farming and making chips, using the added trick of understanding that the taters within the bag have touched the floor your preferred gamers have likely experienced. Are you able to taste the cleats and also the sweat? Unlikely. These chips tend to be more mystical compared to land of National football league stadiums.

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Lay’s announced the tokens the 2009 week, saying limited-edition bags representing 29 teams is going to be open to fans using a raffle on Twitter. It requires fans to produce tweets using a number of hashtags. Full rules can be found around the Lay’s Golden Grounds website.

Hold on, you say, you will find 32 teams within the National football league, why only 29 different chips? Sorry, Browns, Bengals and Broncos fans: no dirt for you personally. I do not know why, however i contacted Frito-Lay to inquire about.

A making-of video details the creation process. You with thankful to understand the dirt from the rival teams was separated within the potato field. What this means is Chicago Bears Soldier Field chips won’t be soiled by Eco-friendly Bay Packers Lambeau Field soil.

Frito-Lay introduced the football legend Jerry Grain as Crisps Spokesperson. He described Bay Area 49ers snacks as tasting like “three Super Bowl wins, 22,895 yards, 1,549 receptions, 208 touchdowns, and 13 Pro Bowls.”

I suppose Chicago Bears chips would taste such as the faded refrains from the Super Bowl Shuffle and also the ghosts of Mike Ditka’s Spicy Polish Sausages. Scrumptious.