todaystopfans byspotify com How to access Spotify’s Today’s Top Fans feature

Spotify have returned in internet marketing again using the stats! The background music streaming service just launched the brand new Today’s Top Fans feature that informs you who your most performed artist is, and just what your most took in to song is.

The brand new feature is really a slightly new version of 2020’s Top 1% of Fans feature, offering users more understanding of the songs they’ve performed probably the most, the number of hrs they’ve took in, not to mention, what percent super fan you derive from your listening habits for the top artist.

Based on the site, this selection “provides a definitive approach to reveal that you pay attention to these artists more frequently than every other fan.” This doesn’t indicate how lengthy you’ve been hearing a painter. This can be a measurement of the number of occasions an artist’s song continues to be streamed on Spotify.

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How you can access Spotify’s Today’s Top Fans feature

To obtain the Top Fans feature, it’s important to visit The feature could be utilized on desktop or mobile. You will have to log to the account to gain access to it.

After signing in, you are able to swipe across to see the stats of the most-performed artist.

Then you’ll find:

Whenever you began hearing your preferred artist the very first time

Your best three your favorite music from your top artist

Typically the most popular song from your favorite artist and the number of occasions it’s been performed.

The entire hrs you spent hearing your preferred artist

One last Top Fan percentage.

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You may also explore the background music more artists you’re most enthusiastic about, and obtain the same stats as before. In case your listening stats are sufficient to have an artist, however, you will not obtain the final super fan percentage.