Tony Dow Net Worth {2022} Bio, Life Style, Business & Wiki

What’s Tony Dow’s Net Worth?

Tony Dow jones is definitely an actor, director, and sculptor, most widely known for enjoying oldest boy Wally Cleaver around the television sitcom “Allow Beaver” from 1957 to 1963. After this, he appeared around the teen soap opera “Never Too Youthful,” making guest appearances on many other shows including “Mr. Novak” and “Square Pegs.” Afterwards in the career, Dow jones walked behind your camera to direct instances of such shows as “Babylon 5” and “Coach.”

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Early Existence

Tony Lee Dow jones was created in 1945 in Hollywood, La, California. His father was John, an artist and contractor, while his mother was Muriel, a stunt lady at the begining of Western films who also offered because the movie double for actress Clara Bow. Like a kid, Dow jones trained like a swimmer, and subsequently grew to become a Junior Olympic games diving champion.

“Allow Beaver”

Dow jones attended a casting demand the sitcom “Allow Beaver” within the late 50s. Although he hardly had any prior acting experience, he wound up winning the function of Wally Cleaver, the oldest boy of June, performed by Barbara Billingsley, and Ward, performed by Hugh Beaumont. On the program, Dow jones performed alongside Jerry Mathers, who performed his more youthful brother Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver. An enormous hit, “Allow Beaver” ran for 234 episodes through 1963 it ended with Beaver going to graduate into senior high school, and Wally about to visit college.

Further Television Career

Following a finish of “Allow Beaver,” Dow jones made an appearance in instances of numerous shows. Included in this were “The Very Last Minute,” “Dr. Kildare,” “The Finest Display on Earth,” and “My Three Sons.” Also, he made an appearance in three different roles in five instances of “Mr. Novak.” In 1965, Dow jones had his newest role on ABC’s “Never Too Youthful,” the very first television soap opera created for a teenager audience. The cast also incorporated Merry Anders, Michael Blodgett, Jan Clayton, and Pleasure Harmon, amongst others.

After serving 3 years within the National Guard, Dow jones came back to acting within the 70s with assorted guest-starring roles. He is at instances of law enforcement procedural “Adam-12,” the comedy anthology series “Love, American Style,” the crime drama “The Mod Squad,” and also the medical series “Emergency!” Later within the 70s, Dow jones made an appearance within the made-for-television film “Dying Scream,” starring Erectile dysfunction Asner and Cloris Leachman. Within the 80s, he is at instances of such programs as “Square Pegs,” “Quincy M.E.,” “Dark night Rider,” “Senior High School U.S.A.,” “Murder, She Authored,” and “The Brand New Mike Hammer.” Dow jones also reprised his role as Wally Cleaver within the 1983 reunion television film “Still the Beaver,” and on the other hand around the revival series “The Brand New Allow Beaver,” which ran until 1989.

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Directing Career

Behind your camera, Dow jones started his directing career by having an episode of “The Brand New Lassie” in 1989. After this, he directed instances of the sitcoms “Obtain a Existence,” “Harry and also the Hendersons,” and “Coach.” Within the mid-to-the late 90s, Dow jones directed several instances of the area opera series “Babylon 5,” which also, he labored like a visual effects supervisor. He continued to direct the “Field of fireside” episode in the seventh season of “Star Wars: Deep Space 9.”

Film Career

Beyond television, Dow jones has made an appearance in a number of films. In 1977, he’d an unforgettable appearance within the sketch comedy film “The Kentucky Fried Movie,” reprising his role as Wally Cleaver inside a parody of the courtroom trial. Later, later, Dow jones had a small sector within the spoof comedy “To the shore,” starring Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon. The actor did not go back to the giant screen until 2003, as he designed a cameo within the David Spade comedy “Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star.” Additionally to Dow jones, the show features greater than 24 former child actors lampooning their careers, including Corey Feldman, Emannuel Lewis, and Danny Bonaduce.

Other Career Pursuits

Dow jones has already established various professional pursuits throughout his career outdoors of television and movie. While acting within the 70s, also, he labored within the construction industry and studied journalism. Afterwards, she got into sculpting, and it has designed a reputation for themself creating abstract bronze sculptures. While using lost-wax casting process, he produces limited editions of nine different bronzes certainly one of his pieces was displayed by his “Allow Beaver” costar Barbara Billingsley in her own garden. In recognition of his work, Dow jones was selected among three sculptors to showcase their creations within the Société Nationale plusieurs Beaux-Arts exhibition in the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris in 2008.

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Personal Existence and Mental Health

Since 1980, Dow jones continues to be married to his wife Lauren Shulkind.

Within the 90s, Dow jones revealed towards the public his encounters with depression. Subsequently, he produced self-help videos about his struggles, including one known as “Beating the Blues.”