Tony Townley Net Worth 2021, Record, Salary, Biography & Family

What’s Tony Townley Net Worth’s ?

Tony Townley Net Worth is definitely an American singer, songwriter, actor and record producer. R Tony’s Net worth is negative $two million. At his peak Tony’s Net worth was easily within the many millions, possibly up to $100 million. In April 2020, Tony revealed to some judge – for making a situation to be released from prison – he owes nearly $1.9 million towards the IRS alone.

For any more in depth introduction to Tony Townley Net Worth’s current financial problems and peak success, please scroll lower a couple of sentences.

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Early Existence and Career Beginnings

Robert Sylvester Tony was created around the south side of Chicago on The month of january 8, 1967. He dropped out of highschool to do like a subway music performer. He earned his big break as he won a $100,000 prize around the television talent show Big Break. Tony signed with Jive Records in 1991 and released the album “Born in to the 90s” together with his group Public Announcement in 1993.


In November 1993, Tony Townley Net Worth released his solo debut “12 Play.” Because of largely towards the single “Bump n’ Grind,” the album was eventually certified six occasions platinum.

Simultaneously, Tony started a job producing records for other artists. He created and authored the whole debut album from the teenage pop singer Aaliyah.

In 1995, his album “Tony Townley Net Worth” offered 4 million copies. Right after, his single “In My Opinion I’m Able To Fly” capped the charts and won three Grammy Awards. Tony released a number of multi-platinum albums within the 2000s, along with the multi-part hip-hop opera Held in the Closet, that they released to r / c in a nutshell portions. The ultimate part of was formally released towards the public early in the year of 2010.

R Tony has released 14 studio albums, five compilation albums and three collaboration albums. Additionally to his three Grammys, Tony has won a large number of awards including several AMAs, a BET award along with a many Billboard awards. His newest albums “Black Panties” and “The Buffet” were released in 2013 and 2015, correspondingly. He’s also took part in 12 official tours all over the world spanning from 1994 to 2013.

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Personal Existence and Controversies

In 1994, Tony secretly married Aaliyah, although the marriage was later annulled. He continued to marry dancer Andrea Lee in 1996 and also the couple had three children before divorcing in ’09.

R Tony’s career has already established its share of controversies through the years. He was arrested and billed with allegedly getting sex by having an underage girl. He was eventually found innocent of 14 charges.

A Lost Fortune

Had Tony Townley Net Worth never experienced any legal issues, his Net worth might have easily capped $50-100 million. Through the years, Tony has apparently compensated millions of dollars to allegedly settle a large number of lawsuits produced by ladies who claimed these were mistreated through the singeTony Townley Net Worth apparently lost a sizable part of his Net worth after divorcing Andrea Lee, his wife from from 1996-2009, probably the most lucrative many years of his career.

This Year, it had been says Tony owed $5 million in delinquent taxes dating back to seven years. In 2013 he lost his Chicago the place to find property foreclosure after he had not compensated the mortgage since 2010. In 2018, he was evicted from two Atlanta area homes after failing greater than $30,000 at the spine rent and charges. At some point recently he was residing in a rented townhouse in Chicago’s Trump Tower.

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Financial and Legal Issues

In This summer 2018, Tony Townley Net Worth released a 19 minute song on Spotify where he addressed a lot of his allegations. About this song, Tony claimed to become broke and requires to tour “simply to pay rent”. Also, he admits to owing the government $20 million previously and having to borrow into the millions dollars from his label to pay for bills. His financial struggles are compounded because he can’t tour in lots of countries oversees due to his controversies and the U.S. tours are often blocked by protests. In addition, Spotify along with other streaming services have stopped serving his songs in their own individual public playlists. On Spotify, individuals can continue to stream his songs using their own account, but his songs won’t be suggested in public places playlists like Uncover Weekly or perhaps in other Spotify-curated playlists and radio channels.

In The month of january 2019, Chicago building inspectors were granted the authority to search Tony Townley Net Worth’s studio room after receiving reports the structure had gone through multiple renovations without permits. Tony Townley Net Worth doesn’t own the studio, he’s rented it since 2017. The 8000 square-feet building was really listed for purchase during the time of the inspection for $4 million. Simultaneously, your building owner had filed a suit against Tony Townley Net Worth seeking delinquent rent. Based on the suit, Tony’s rent was $23,000 monthly and that he had not compensated in seven several weeks. He owed the owner $167,000 during the time of the filing.

On The month of january 14, Tony Townley Net Worth’s record label RCA/The new sony revealed that they are putting all his future music releases on hold, effectively freezing Tony from earning more income. At the moment he owes RCA/The new sony two more albums on his newest record contract. RCA/The new sony has additionally declined to supply money for brand new videos. The label is within a difficult position because, at this moment, Tony is not charged associated with a crime. It might appear legally challenging fire him and restrain money according to allegations. If his contract includes a “morals clause”, there is a chance RCA/The new sony can use that to extricate themselves in the deal.

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At the end of Feb 2019, Tony Townley Net Worth was arrested on a number of new charges. His bail was set at $a million, which might have been pleased with a $100,000 payment. Regrettably Tony am cash-poor it required a few days for him to generate the cash. Actually, it had been reported the $100,000 really originated from a lady named Valencia Love whose precise relationship to Tony Townley Net Worth is unclear. While Tony is at jail his ex-wife Andrea filed a suit seeking $160,000 price of delinquent supporting your children.