Top Best PSP Emulators for Windows, PC and Android

The PSP is surely designed with fantastic games, which is why you’re here on this page looking for top best PSP emulators to play games on your device.

This portable powerhouse is the third best-selling portable console of all time, with about 82 million units sold. While the PSP is not a very ancient system, it does cost a lovely penny (or a wonderful dollar if you live outside the United Kingdom).

Here in this article, we have carried out a perfect research and we are here to give you the best PSP emulators that are available for your device. 

The PSP has one of the most outstanding portable handheld libraries, including titles such as Tekken 7, Final Fantasy, and Syphon Filter, GTA, PES and the like. All these game titles would continue to be one of the most demanded consoles in newly manufactured vintage handheld devices, battling the Gameboy for supremacy in the handheld sector even now!

Below is the list of best PSP emulators for Windows and PC and some of them are also available for android devices. This will make you enjoy any PSP game of choice on your mobile device.

  • Rapid PSP Emulator
  • RetroArch
  • OpenEmu
  • PSP Rocket

Rapid PSP Emulator

This emulator is regarded as one of the best PSP emulators for Windows and PC. There are numerous emulators that require possessing the newest 7G Ultima fliptronic 7-camera smartphone in order to function properly, but who has the money for that?  For instance a person using a five years old phone will surely need Rapid PSP emulator in order for them to enjoy the game on their phone

Rapid PSP is essentially a fork of PPSSPP. The majority of the same components remain, however it is optimized for less advanced devices. It works flawlessly on the majority of Android handsets and does not need a computer science degree to use.

Not everyone has the financial means to purchase a high-end phone, and the same is true for applications. Fortunately, Rapid PSP Emulator is a completely free download and usage. It’s an excellent program that supports saving and external controller connection, making it ideal for the finest PSP RPGs!

Whether you possess a Samsung Galaxy or a tattered HTC, Rapid PSP is a no-brainer!


RetroArch is the third best PSP emulator on our list. It appears on all of our lists since it is a jack of all crafts and performs well!

We first discussed this application in our article on the best N64 emulators for multi-platform usage. RetroArch is compatible with all operating systems and devices, including MacOS, Linux, and jailbroken iPhones and iPads!

RetroArch, like the fourth emulator on our list, is a virtual mall for retro game emulation. It has ‘everything under one roof,’ however the roof is virtual in this instance. It is simply an application that contains numerous emulators in the form of ‘cores’ and provides users with access to a wide variety of games from any system conceivable.


As a Mac user, I’d recommend OpenEmu as a perfect PSP emulator for your system. You can simply check out to check out to have a look at the controller interface. It has one of the most attractive button map interfaces I’ve ever seen, and the game library is as attractive. After importing ROM files, OpenEmu arranges them alphabetically. Isn’t it neat?

I despise mapping USB controllers to my laptop; it’s always a source of worry for me. However, with OpenEmu, it’s quite easy. Simply connect your USB controller and follow the on-screen directions. My dog may be able to accomplish it!

As with RetroArch, OpenEmu supports a wide variety of consoles, including the formidable PSP.

PSP Rocket

Rocket PSP is a very new emulator that is currently experiencing some teething issues. Even then, when something is free, one cannot always turn one’s nose up at it!

As you were probably well aware, this emulator is based on PPSSPP. If you’re unhappy with PPSSPP and want a less-advanced version, give Rocket a try.

The ability to save and load data, along with a very high percentage of game compatibility, makes for a great little program, although the teething issues with certain games may prove to be a bit frustrating.

To be sure, it’s not perfect, but it’s also not terrible. I could have stopped this list at four of the finest PSP emulators since they all utilize PPSSPP, but it’s good to see that other people are always developing new and fascinating apps utilizing PPSSPP’s open-source code.