Top Spanish Psychological Thrillers Not To Miss On Netflix

To begin with, In my opinion that almost all individuals will have viewed a few of the popular Spanish Netflix series trending this era on Netflix for example La Casa de Papel, Toy Boy, Elite, and Secured, that have taken the very first places associated with preference of Greek viewers. Actually, regardless of the effective series Spanish film production within the last twenty years, has produced its very own film world with police and mental thrillers and horror films which have acquired a fanatical audience all over the world, plus the U . s . States.

Please find below a listing with a few Spanish movies that relocate the genre of police and mental thrillers (not horror) and you may locate them on Netflix.

Mirage (Durante la Tormenta)

Two storms separated by twenty five years. A lady murdered. A daughter missed. Only 72 hrs to uncover the reality. It’s worth mentioning that among the primary protagonists in “Mirage” is “El Professor” in the popular series La situation de Papel, Alvaro Morte, “magnet” for a lot of here. “The Ophthalmologist” invites us on the journey backwards and forwards over time, having a dark atmosphere and twists and turns, a movie that moves between your thriller and also the sci-fi you need to base around the details as well as in the finish you’ll be compensated.IMDb

The Silence from the Marsh (El Silencio del Pantano)

A author of crime tales finds out that the truth is more criminal compared to tales he writes. In line with the eponymous detective novel by Juanjo Braulio, “The Silence from the Swamp” is yet another tight-knit police thriller from The country that deserves your attention. The protagonist, the well-known and beloved Pedro Alonso, Berlin of “La Casa de Papel”, maybe an additional incentive to determine him inside a different role.

The Invisible Guest (Contratiempo)

A effective entrepreneur charged with murder along with a witness preparation expert have under three hrs to generate an impregnable defense. This movie is actually unpredictable, maybe among the best in Spanish film production.

The Occupant (Hogar)

Javier Muñoz, when a effective executive, helps make the fateful decision to depart his home, that they and the family can’t afford. A movie that balances between morality and absolute evil.

Boy Missing (Secuestro)

When her boy’s alleged kidnapper is released for insufficient solid evidence, a trustworthy and well-known attorney takes matters into her very own hands with unintended and spectacularly disastrous effects.


A officer, whose childhood friend disappeared in Patagonia years back, is beginning a brand new search to locate solutions and it is seeing her very own existence at risk. “Missing” is really a film in line with the detective novel “Cornelia” by Argentine author Florence Eceves, a production between The country and Argentina. The experience is placed, a minimum of partly, within the enchanting and snowy Patagonia, certainly different things from all of those other films we contained in this tribute. The show, without missing the different styles within the rhythm (it reminds us a little bit of “Snowman” with Michael Fassbender that left us with mixed feelings), really deserves the interest of individuals who’re searching to have an anxious police thriller.

The rage of the patient man

A tough-working single mom and wife of the getaway driver who is going to launch are contacted by an humble and gentleman, completely not aware regarded his inscrutable and absolutely impelling motives. A “tight” dramatic thriller with lots of twists and exceptional interpretations.